30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 1 – Very First Anime You Watched

The 30 Day Anime challenge!

Because I love anime so much, I have decided to take on the 30 Day Anime Challenge!


So basically what the 30 Day Anime Challenge is, is a series of 30 questions that you or I have to answer in the span of 30 days. That’s right. One question per day.

If you don’t already know, I love anime. I love watching it, fangirling over it. It gives me a ton of inspiration for the stories that I write. It makes me laugh, cry, and become emotional. Anime is awesome!

And todays question is:

Very First Anime I Watched

Like most of you, Pokemon was probably the first anime that I watched. It was on the TV and I remember watching the show when it was early on in the stages. You know when it was just Brock, Misty, and Ash. Yeah, that long ago.

I remember loving Pikachu (because who wouldn’t) and wanting some Pokemon of my own. But at that time, I didn’t know it was an anime. In fact, I just thought it was another cartoon like Powerpuff Girls or Courage the Cowardly Dog.

It wasn’t until I was in middle school when a friend kept talking to me about anime that I knew what anime was. She was always going on about this show and I had no idea what she was talking about. So one day, I decided to try it out.

Therefore, my first anime that I was actually aware was an anime was…


Yup! You got that right! It was Ouran High School Host Club. Granted, I don’t really remember much about what happened during this anime because it was such a long time ago since I’ve watched it. And, to be honest, I probably won’t rewatch it, or if I will, it will be a long time until then because I have so many other anime/manga on my list.

But basically, from what I remember, Ouran High School Host Club follows a girl named Haruhi. She managed to get into this prestigious high school because she’s really smart and got a scholarship. However, she stumbles into a room and accidentally breaks a really expensive vase. She gets mistaken as a boy for her short hair and is forced to join the Host Club in order to pay off the broken vase.

Then comes the romance, drama, and etc… You know, the usuals of a Shoujou anime.

I remember I really liked Honey because he was SO cute! This is probably the most or one of the most popular Shoujou anime out there and almost everyone has heard of it. It’s really lighthearted and fun. So even though I don’t remember most of what happens in the anime, it still has a place in my heart as my very first anime.

What do you think? Have you watched Ouran High School Host Club? What was your first anime?


2 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 1 – Very First Anime You Watched

  1. Lizzo says:

    I really liked Ouran High School Host Club. I watched it both dubbed and subbed versions. For me, Haruhi was and still is the selling point. Aside from the reverse harem aspect. I could relate to her in a lot of ways. but it definitely has a lot of cliche elements. Honey was cute but my favorite host was Mori and then I’d have to go with Kyouya.

    Nice post.


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