30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 6 – Anime You Want to See but Haven’t

Here is Day 6 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge. So today, I will most likely be talking about anime that I haven’t mentioned before. My ‘to watch’ anime isn’t very long, only consisting about 20, but I have a few in mind that could answer this question, so I hope you guys don’t mind if I do more than one. Because, let’s face it, there are many things that we want to watch. If I could, I would want to watch two simultaneously.


So… without further adieu

The anime I most want to see but haven’t is…


Fate-Stay Night.

I heard a lot about this anime and people have been saying it’s really good. And from what I’ve seen from it, it does look very interesting. I love fantasy and magic and all that kind of stuff, as I said before in my previous post, so I’m sure that I would like Fate-Stay Night.

This is the synopsis for Fate-Stay Night provided by myanimelist.net.

After a mysterious inferno kills his family, Shirou is saved and adopted by Kiritsugu Emiya, who teaches him the ways of magic and justice.

One night, years after Kiritsugu’s death, Shirou is cleaning at school, when he finds himself caught in the middle of a deadly encounter between two superhumans known as Servants. During his attempt to escape, the boy is caught by one of the Servants and receives a life-threatening injury. Miraculously, he survives, but the same Servant returns to finish what he started. In desperation, Shirou summons a Servant of his own, a knight named Saber. The two must now participate in the Fifth Holy Grail War, a battle royale of seven Servants and the mages who summoned them, with the grand prize being none other than the omnipotent Holy Grail itself.

Fate/stay night follows Shirou as he struggles to find the fine line between a hero and a killer, his ideals clashing with the harsh reality around him. Will the boy become a hero like his foster father, or die trying?


This anime just sounds really adventurous and full of mystery, which is exactly what I love. I have no idea what happens in the anime, so please, no spoilers. But hopefully, I will watch it in the near future.

Yup! That’s it!

Have you guys seen Fate-Stay Night yet? Is it good? Tell me in the comments below!


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