30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 8 – Favourite Anime Couple

This question took a little time for me to think over because there are a ton of anime couples out there that are just #goals! I’m going to do a couple from an anime that hasn’t yet been mentioned to avoid redundancy.

Here’s the daily anime gif:


And let’s get straight into it! 😛

So this anime couple is from an anime that I watched a year ago. That was the time when I started to really get into anime. I was into anime before, but not as much and I only watched from time to time. But this anime is what I consider my introduction to anime.

It’s a really cute one. Most people should know about it. The anime was discontinued due to a lack of popularity, but I personally really enjoyed it and I read to the end of the manga because I needed to know how it ended.


My Favourite Anime Couple is…


Kyou and Tohru from Fruits Basket!

They are so cute together! I love this couple because they complement each other perfectly and you can really tell they care about one another! You can totally see this through the anime and into the manga as well!

At first, Kyou was so cold towards her, but as the story progresses, their relationship grows and it’s so fun watching them grow!

So Fruits Basket is about a girl named Tohru. Her mom died a few months ago and she is left to live with her grandfather. However, during a renovation of her grandfather’s house, she is forced to temporarily find another place to live. That place is a tent in the middle of the woods.

One day, while she’s in her tent, she gets found by one of the boys in her school Yuki Souma. They bring her over to their house and the next night, there is a landslide that sweeps her tent away. Without any where else to go, Tohru stays with the Soumas, only to find out that they are possessed by the 12 zodiacs and turns into their respective animal forms whenever they are hugged by the opposite sex.

So yeah! This is a really cute anime and I really enjoyed watching all the characters interact with one another and watch the story progress. The history of the Soumas was also very interesting and it’s a fun one to watch if you feel like watching Shoujou mixed with Supernatural.


Tohru, the girl above, is the main character from the series. And she is such a sweet character and so positive even after she lost her mom. And Kyou, the orange guy above, is one of the Soumas in the story. He is the cat zodiac and more like the runt of the pack since he isn’t really supposed to be one of the zodiacs.

Kyou’s character is really cold and indifferent, but he loves to pick a fight with one of his cousins Yuki, which coincidentally is the rat zodiac. So, in my opinion, Tohru and Kyou really fit each other.

What do you guys think? Like Fruits Basket as well? Who is your favourite couple?


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