30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 11 – Favourite Sports Anime

Okay, originally, the challenge for this day was supposed to be “Favourite Mecha Anime”, but to tell you the truth, I have never seen, nor barely know about, Mecha anime. I know some of you are probably screaming right now, but it’s the truth. And it’s a truth I won’t hide.


So, I’ve decided to change this day’s challenge to favourite spots anime, because that, I have watched. Maybe I will watch mecha anime in the future, if one of them catch my eye, but most likely not. I’ve never been into robots and those kinds of things, unless it’s really cool and involves fantasy. If you have any recommendations, tell me about it and I can go check it out.

Anyways, without any further adieu,

My Favourite Sports Anime is…


Kuroko no Basuke! I actually have another favourite, but I’ll tell you about that later. Now, Kuroko no Basuke was my first sports anime and I absolutely loved it. I never really liked basketball before I watched this anime, but I was so into it after. So much that I actually brought my own basketball and started practicing it. That was how much I loved it.

Kuroko no Basuke is basically about these five prodigies who excel in basketball. They are called the Generation of Miracles (GoM) and they each have a special talent. So, the rumor is that there is a sixth Generation of Miracles. The sixth is known as the Phantom player who excelled at passing. And this sixth GoM is named Kuroko and he decides to go to a small high school, whose basketball team just formed the year before, while the other GoMs go to prestigious high schools. And this follows Kuroko as he, along with the school’s basketball team, tries to defeat all the GoMs and win nationals.


I love the main character Kuroko, and the plot of Kuroko no Basuke was interesting, it got me hooked. Watching them go against all the Generation of Miracles was entertaining and amusing and there were many parts that were really funny.

So, the next sport anime that I mentioned before that I really liked was…


Haikyuu! This sport anime is about volleyball, and this was my second sports anime. I really loved it and it got me laughing out loud most of the time. It is funnier than KnB and i really enjoyed it. The anime isn’t finished yet, the 3rd season is just beginning to form and they started airing the episodes weekly now.

Haikyuu! is basically about a boy named Hinata, who loves volleyball. He’s really short though, but can jump really high. During middle school, he went to a competition. His volleyball consisted of him as the only good players, while the others joined just because Hinata asked them to. As a result, their team lost since the school they were playing against was one of the power schools that was known for their volleyball team. And Kageyama, one of the players on the opposing team, insulted him at the end of the match.

Years later, Hinata enters a high school that was once known for their volleyball team. However, he bumps into Kageyama, who turns out entered the school as well. And this follows the story as they try to win the nationals.


As you can probably expect, Haikyuu! is more or less like all the other sports anime. They fight against strong schools, lose, then win, then win again. Well, this one is no different. But what makes it fun to watch is the characters. They all have diverse personalities and they all have that funny side to make the audience laugh out loud.

That’s one of the reasons why I love this anime and I will definitely continue watching the 3rd season as it airs. Their adventures are not over yet!

What do you think? What are you favourite sports anime? What is your favourite Mecha anime? 


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