30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 13 – Anime Character You’re Most Similar To

This one is pretty easy. I’ll have to reference back to Fairy Tail again though, haha. I actually am a merge of two different characters, but I’m going to choose the one that I most relate with and then I’ll tell you the other character after. They are both from anime that I’ve mentioned before.


So the first one is from Fairy Tail and the second one is from Last Game, the manga I mentioned on Day 2.

So, without further adieu, here it is!

The Anime Character(s) that I’m most Similar to is…


Levy McGarden!

She’s a total bookworm and super smart. She has Solid Script Magic and is really important to Fairy Tail.

Like Levy, I am also a total bookworm. She’s also very cheerful, which I like to think I am. She can also be shy and intimidated (when it comes to Gajeel), but she’s very courageous and amazing when it comes to it! The only difference I would say would be between me and her is that she claims she isn’t a good writer. I wouldn’t say I’m the best writer out there, but I like to think I’m decent. LOL

I also think that I’m really shy, a lot more close off than Levy is. That is why, I think that I’m a mix between her and another character.

And the other character is…


Kujou from Last Game. Like Levy, she is also very smart and is the top of her class. Why I think I’m like her as well is because she finds it hard to socialize like I do. She is very quiet and can usually be found by herself or minding her own business. She has a hard time making friends, which I can relate to as well.

I’m not exactly like her, as I find myself more outgoing when a conversation has started, but personality wise when I’m not talking or with anyone else, I’m exactly like her. And like Kujou, I try my best in order to make friends, but that doesn’t work out all the time. I can relate to her a lot and therefore, I consider myself a mix of both Levy and Kujou.

What do you guys think? Who is the anime character you’re most similar with?


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