30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 15 – Best Anime Sidekick or Summoning

I feel like this isn’t the best question for me to answer because I know that I’m thinking of Pokemon straight away. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want Pokemon to be your bestest friend ever?

But since I already mentioned Pokemon in the previous post, I will go to another anime. However, I already mentioned this anime more than a couple of times, so just bare with me.


If you already know my personality by now, you probably know what it is or have some kind of idea.


My Favourite Anime Sidekick or Summoning is…


Happy the cat! Or more specifically, the Exceed! And yes, he is from Fairy Tail!I

Happy is just one of my favourite characters in the anime and, of course, one of my favourite sidekicks, along with all the other Exceeds as well. When I first saw Fairy Tail, I have to admit, I wasn’t really into him and thought that he was just there just to be there and be the “pet” of the main character Natsu.


But as the story arcs went on, I realized that he was much more than that. Happy actually meant a lot to the plot and was a very important character. Without Happy, the Fairy Tail team probably wouldn’t have completely half the stuff they have already done. I couldn’t imagine Happy not being in Fairy Tail. His usual chirpiness and unique personality make it fun to watch him and his comrades.



Not to mention, the way he just pushes the ships together is amazing and hilarious! He is no doubt the biggest shipper of all the ships in Fairy Tail! His ‘Aye Sir’ is also one of my favourites. Happy can be so compassionate, but when things get tough, he knows how to crack a joke or two.

What do you think? Like Happy as well? Who is your favourite anime sidekick?


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