30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 16 – Anime with the Best Animation

I’m going to have to tap into anime movies for this particular question because I feel that animation in movies always appealed to me more than anime series. Most of the time, anime movies focus on the animation more because it’s such an important aspect. Because of this, it’s no wonder why many of my favourite movies are just so beautiful.


There are many anime movies out there and many of them are just so amazingly beautifully drawn that I just can’t pick one. If you have ever seen one, you’d know what I mean. The movements of the characters, along with the scenery and atmosphere is just perfect.

Therefore, I’m going to be telling you guys some of my favourite movies that all have equally amazing animation.


The Anime with the Best Animation is…


Movie Number 1: Howl’s Moving Castle

You have no idea how much I love this movie! It’s so amazing and magical, I love every aspect of it! This is actually the first anime movie I have ever watched and I don’t regret it for a moment. The characters and music were to perfection and I loved the plot!

Howl’s Moving Castle is basically about a girl named Sophia who met this wizard named Howl one day. But after this encounter, a witch put a spell on Sophia due to jealousy of Howl and turns her into an old lady. Sophia ventures out to find a spell to change her back.


It’s really hard to explain, but trust me, it’s an incredible movie. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it! You won’t regret it.

Movie Number 2: Spirited Away


This movie is also one of my favourites and it is very well known. The art is so detailed and graphic and it feels like you’re in the movie with the characters. Again, I loved the plot and it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

Spirited Away is about a girl named Chihiro. Her family and she are moving and along the way, her parents stumble across an amusement park. Chihiro is very upset about the delay in their trip and goes to explore. But it isn’t just a regular amusement park and strange things occur during her time there.


I don’t want to say too much because that will just ruin the magic of this movie and I want you guys to experience it yourself! It’s an amazing movie, so go watch it if you haven’t already!

I think I can do one last movie before I close, so…

Movie Number 3: Wolf Children


Just thinking of this movie makes me very emotional. It’s such a sad, yet sweet story and it really hit me in the heart. This movie had the most wonderful animation and I absolutely loved every minute of it!

Wolf Children is about a woman named Hana. She falls in love with a werewolf and eventually, they have two children. However, during one night in particular, the father didn’t come back and it was soon revealed that he had been killed hunting for food to give his newborn child. As a result, Hana was left as a single mother of two werewolves.


I have to admit, when I first heard of this movie, I wasn’t very interested. I thought there wasn’t much of a plot involved and nothing really caught my eye, but when I took it up, I was hooked just a few minutes into the movie. I fell in love with the children Ame and Yuki and cried when the father died. I felt so touched and moved by Hana’s actions and thoughts and cheered them on constantly through the movie. If you’ve watched the movie, you know exactly what I mean. This movie is for sure a 10 out of 10!

What do you think? What anime do you think has the best animation? 




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