30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 18 – Favourite Supporting Female Character

This is another tough one for me. I had to think about it for a while before I made my decision. Just like before, since Fairy Tail is my favourite anime as of now, of course, my faovurite supporting character would have come from there. But I’m going to exclude Fairy Tail  and tell you what my favourite female supporting character would be outside of the anime.

However, just like last time, I will tell you who she would be if everyone was included. Besides Erza, my other favourite female supporting character, would be…


The one and only, Wendy Marvell! She is literally the cutest character out of them all and I love how she develops throughout the anime. In the beginning, she had been so timid and shy, but slowly she has been coming out of her shell and becoming more confident.

Because of that, I can also relate to her. In many ways, she could be the younger version of myself. But just because she is small, doesn’t mean you should mess with her. When she gets serious, her power is extraordinary and hence, she is one of my favourite characters in Fairy Tail.

Alright, now that I’ve told you about Wendy, I’ll tell you about another character. So…

My Favourite Female Supporting Character is…


Kiki from Snow White with the Red Hair.

After considering several female supporting characters, I finally decided to choose her because, come on, she’s pretty awesome. She’s like a quiet version of Erza, but very skilled in the sword and very loyal as well.

Kiki is one of the guards of the royal Prince Zen and is one of my favourite characters because of her personality and her calm advice that she gives whenever the prince or one of her friends gets into trouble. She is willing to do anything to protect and help her friends and is very loyal in that act.


Snow White with the Red Hair  is a spinoff of Snow White. It revolves around this girl named Shirayuki, whose dream is to become a herbalist. She is known for her beautiful red hair and due to her hair, the prince of her country one day decides to marry her. However, feeling as she cannot go with this demand, Shirayuki flees the country. In the forest, a boy with his two guards found her and after a few events transpired, Shirayuki found out that the boy was the crowned prince of another country. And this follows the story of Shirayuki as she pursues her dreams and falls in love with the prince.

It’s a really sweet anime with a ton of romance. It is set in the past where there are castles and knights, which is really what got me hooked in the first place. This is an anime not focused on adventure, but mainly on the love story between Snow White and the prince, so if you don’t like that mushy stuff, I wouldn’t recommend watching it. But the art is beautiful and the characters are so sweet, so if you don’t mind the romance, you should have it a go!


And there you have it! Day 18 complete!

What do you think? Have you ever watched Snow White with the Red Hair? Who is your favourite supporting female character?


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