30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 19 – Most Epic Scene Ever

To start off this article, I first have to have a definition of epic in order to answer this question correctly. Google says, epic is a long poem about the adventures of a heroic. However, that obviously isn’t the definition this ‘epic’ is talking about. So, I’m going to say epic means heroic, courageous, and something that only someone with a lot of gut would do. And I have exactly the anime in mind to mention.


This anime is actually one that I just started today and finished today. I read a review of this anime and decided to try it out. But when I did, I found out I couldn’t stop and you can imagine what happened next. My mind was hooked with the plot and my homework had to be delayed for a day. But, it was worth it.

Plus, it only had 13 episodes, so it wasn’t that hard to watch through the whole show. I’m not really the one to sit through a whole lot of episodes, not that 13 isn’t a lot, so this one was just the right length. So…

The Most Epic Anime Scene Ever is…


Episode 13 of Charlotte!

I might be biased since I’m experiencing an anime hangover right now, but this anime was amazing to watch. I loved it from beginning to end and I really liked how they explored the world and characters, yet also moved with the plot effectively at the same time.

Episode 13 of Charlotte was very well played out and I felt like the main character was very heroic in going on his own little mission to save others, while risking his own life. In order for you to understand, I’ll first have to explain the plotline.

Charlotte is about a comet who expels this strange substance that allows teenagers to have these certain abilities. These abilities can include anything like invisibility, healing, flying, etc… This story follows a boy named Yu, who has the ability of possessing anyone. His powers get found out and because of that, he has to go to a school with students that have abilities as well.


And then, one thing leads to another, and episode 13 comes into play. From here on out, there will be spoilers. Don’t read on, if you don’t want to be spoiled!

Yu joins the Student Council in this new school, whose task is to find other teens with abilities because scientists have tried conducting experiments on these teens to find out how they work.

Through this work, Yu finds out his power is not only to possess, but also to steal abilities from other teens. When a foreign terrorist attacks them due to their abilities and ends up killing one of his brother’s friends, he sets out on a mission to steal every ability in the world in order to save teenagers from the dangers of having abilities.

And in episode 13, Yu does exactly that.


As he goes as collects abilities from every country in the world, he leaves his friends and family. We see him as he struggles at first, but then succeeds as he gains more abilities. We see him as he gradually becomes insane when the power becomes too much. His character change is evident here and you can see how determined and dedicated he is to completing his mission. We see him destructing buildings and going on rampages due to the overflow of power. However, he doesn’t give up. He loses his mind until in the end, he loses his memory as well.


He sacrificed so much to save so many people, and in the end, succeeded. I feel that was a really heroic act and something that only so many people in the world can do.

What do you think? Have you seen Charlotte? What is your favourite epic scene? 


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