30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 20 – Anime Character that Gets on Your Nerves

I know exactly who I have in mind for this question. In fact, I have two, and I’ll mention them both in this article. These two new characters are from a completely different anime than I mentioned before. One is one that I watched a long time ago, and the other is one I watched tried out this summer.

These two characters just got on my nerves a lot throughout the story probably because of their poor character development and personality. I found they were weak characters, not necessarily bad, but I personally didn’t take much of a liking to them.


Okay, so without further adieu…

The Anime Characters that Most Annoy Me Are…


Number 1: Ichigo from Yumeiro Patissiere.

The one I watched a long time ago I had actually liked it at that time. But when I tried rewatching it this summer, I couldn’t get past the first few episodes because of the main character. Ichigo has very admirable goals and motives, but there was just something that annoyed me about her. Maybe it was because of her high pitched voice in the anime, but I think it was also because she was a very weak character.

Now, I don’t remember if she becomes a stronger character as it progresses, but all I remember is that I couldn’t rewatch it. When I had watched this, though, a few years back, I did remember that I was inspired by this anime to bake more. The general plot of the story is really interesting and fun, but the charcters ruined it for me.


Yumeiro Patissiere is about a girl named Ichigo who loves to eat sweets. Due to a certain event, she gets invited to study at a school that specializes in making cakes and sweets, which is an opportunity that she cannot pass up. There is one problem though– she has never made a single thing in her entire life. And this follows Ichigo as she pursues her dreams of being a patissiere.

What I did like about this anime though was the cakes, well, the looks of the cakes. They all looked so beautiful and delicate, it made me have a new love for sweets in general. I mean, look at this:


Fun fact: this strawberry cake above actually inspired me to make my own handmade strawberry shortcake.

The next character on the list is:


Number 2: Haruha from Uta no Prince sama.

I actually feel bad about admitting that she is one of the characters that annoy me, because she’s so nice! She like this perfect angel that everyone loves– literally. She has, like, seven different guys chasing after her.

Uta no Prince Sama is about a girl named Haruha, who is a songwriter. She wants to go to the prestigious school and manages to get in after an exam. As she is in the middle of pursing her dream, she meets these six– later seven– guys, who she bumps into quite often. And this is the story of how they pursue their dreams.


As you can imagine, this is a reverse harem anime. Though I have never been a big fan of harems– I kind of think they’re stupid– I have never held any ill-will for this anime. One, because I love music and that is one thing the anime surrounds, and two, the plot is pretty decent. However, I was never able to finish this because of my annoyance of Haruha.

Haruha isn’t a bad character. Like Ichigo, she has great motives and goals; she has a great personality. But I just wished she could have been a stronger character, as in a stronger personality. Throughout the series, Haruha is a pretty quiet character and is very shy when it comes to speaking her thoughts and opinions. I don’t have anything against that, because I’m like that sometimes as well. But I just think that if she had a stronger personality, it would actually make the anime better and more interesting. Because, come on, having seven guys chasing after you at the same time is pretty ridiculous, even though I know it’s a harem.

What do you think? Ever heard or seen any of these two anime? What is the anime character that annoys you the most? 


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