30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 22 – Favourite Weapon, Gear, or Armour

Day 22 is here and we are inching towards the end! Today’s question was very hard and I really didn’t know what to pick or talk about, so I’m really grasping at straws here.


This anime that I’m about to mention is one that I don’t really know well. I’ve only watched a few episodes and then didn’t get a chance to continue due to a whole bunch of things happening in life. But I do plan on continuing. This weapon is more of an item, but I guess it can be used as a weapon as well. Without further adieu…

My Favourite Weapon, Gear, Armour is…


The flute from Magi!

As I said before, I’ve only seen a few episodes of Magi, so I only have a small understanding of what the flute is for.

Basically, Magi is a retelling of Aladdin and in this new world, there are many labyrinths. These labyrinths have a bunch of riches inside them, but are really hard to conquer. Aladdain has a dream of conquering these labyrinths and meet with Alibaba who agrees to help him on his quest.

Alibaba carries around this flute and in the first episode, we see him play the flute and a genie just pops out of the end. We only get to see the arms of the genie, but I’m assuming that we’ll get to see the whole thing later. From what I know of, Alibaba had made friends with this genie even though he wasn’t supposed to. I’m sure of any other history besides that since it was in the prologue, but wouldn’t it be awesome to have a genie as your friend?


You could literally go on so many adventures together! The genie would be your friend and protector; I’d have a blast! Although this is really more of an “item” than a weapon, gear, or armour, the genie could be counted as a weapon, like a protector of some sorts. My childhood included Disney’s Aladdin, so that might have influenced this decision as well. Genie was always one of my favourite sidekicks when I was younger!


What do you think? Ever seen Magi? How was it? What is your favourite weapon, gear, or armour? 


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