30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 25 – Saddest Anime Death

I haven’t watched much sad anime, to be honest. No, scratch that, I don’t really watch anime with many deaths in it. There were plenty I’ve watched where my heart ached because it was bittersweet (*cough* 5 Centimeters per Second *cough*), but other than that, there weren’t many characters that full on died.


I haven’t watched Clannad, though I do intend to in the future. I’ve heard it’s sad, but I don’t know anything more than that. So NO SPOILERS!! I haven’t watched Death Note, I’m in the middle of watching Angel Beats, I’ve watched Ano Hana but I only skimmed through it so it was meh… for me. But no doubt, if I had watched Ano Hana properly, I would have been tearing up. Maybe I’ll give it a go again sometime. I haven’t watched Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica either, so my choices are really limited here.

So, reaching into what I have watched, this is what I’m going to pick.

The Saddest Anime Death is…


Kaori’s death in Your Lie in April. 

I’ve mentioned Kaori in my favourite female character post a long time ago, and well, her death really hit me hard. This anime is so beautiful and it is no doubt one of my favourites. Kaori’s death wasn’t really much of a surprise, maybe it was when she fell for the first time on stage, but after that, it was pretty much a fact and a suspicion that she was going to die. However, that did not make it any less sad.


Kaori was an amazing violinist and her support for the main character Kousei was unbelievable. Kousei’s past was also not a very happy one. He had once been an amazing piano player but the death of his mother stopped him from continuing. His mother had actually been abusive and wanted no less than perfection. His guilt from something that had happened before she died led Kousei to stop playing. However, Kaori changed that and her life impacted Kousei so greatly.


At the end, when Kaori chose to go through with surgery, but that surgery wasn’t successful and she died, it was very emotional for me, as the watcher, and for the characters in the anime. Kousei somehow realized she was gone in the middle of his performance on stage and that last scene was so beautiful. Then in the end, after Kaori’s funeral and time has passed and year has been gone, the deep hole that Kaori had left was felt right there and then.

It was a beautiful anime, a beautiful death that just left me heartbroken and feeling awful. The title of the anime is even so sad because it speaks about Kaori’s lie when she met Kousei on that April afternoon. It truly was a masterpiece and this anime will always have a place in my heart.


And now I’m emotional from writing about this. Great… T.T

What do you think? Did Your Lie in April have the same impact? What is your saddest anime death? 


2 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 25 – Saddest Anime Death

  1. avathenerd says:

    Kaori’s death was indeed very sad. It’s remarkable how a death can both be sorrowful as well as beautiful.
    Unfortunately for me, her death was spoiled by Google. I can see why you would choose Kaori for this post. Nice post!

    Liked by 1 person

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