30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 26 – Best Anime Fight

I have an answer to this question. This fight I’m about to mention actually slipped my mind until just a few moments ago. Actually, this “fight” isn’t really a fight since fights don’t exist in this anime. Instead, games decide all conflict and all fights are settled with games.


I watched this anime a few weeks ago and had completely forgotten about it. But I really loved the concept of this anime. It was interesting to watch the characters go into another world that was completely different from our own. I wasn’t hooked like I would have been with other anime, but it was still pretty cool to watch for a few days. So…

The Best Anime Fight is…


The fight between Sora and Shira vs. Jibril in No Game No Life.

This fight took place in episode 6 and the “fight” was really a game since, as I mentioned before, fighting isn’t permitted in this world. All conflicts is decided with games and Sora and Shiro already won the title of King and Queen of their race (called Imanity) and are looking to challenge the god Tet, the one who had summoned them to this game world.

However, in order to do that, they needed information to form their attacks, so they challenged Jibril, who is a part of the Flugel race, for the library that she owned. The Flugel is one of the 16 races that exist in this world, who are very intelligent. The challenge that they underwent was a simple word game, where you have to come up with a word starting with the last letter of your opponent’s word. And there’s a catch, if you say a word and the object isn’t there, it will materialize. On the contrary, if you say a word and the object is there, it will disappear.

You would expect it’s just a simple game, but No Game No Life takes this game into a different level. The main characters Shiro and Sora are child geniuses, who already graduated from school at a young age, and the Jibril is a very intelligent person.


The game starts off with a nuclear bomb, but soon deescalates for a while before Sora and Shiro take it back into extremes. The earth’s atmosphere is taken away and they start playing with science until I literally have no idea what they are talking about. But the strategies of Sora and Shiro blows my mind, which is to be expected since they are geniuses. So I had to pick this as one of my favourite fights.

No Game No Life is about a boy and a girl who are NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and they are absolute geniuses. I believe Shiro, the girl, is 11 and Sora is 18. They rarely get out of their houses, but plays games all day everyday because they have nothing else better to do. One day, the god of another world, Tet, challenges them to a game of chess and Sora and Shiro manage to beat him, resulting in them going to another dimension where games are the judging factor of all things. Sora and Shiro start making lives for themselves in this new world, and eventually realize their goal of challenging god.


What do you think? Have you seen No Game No Life? What is your favourite anime fight?


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