30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 28 – Favourite Quote

This question took a while for me to decide, but I think I have it. Once I saw this quote, I just knew that this was the one that had made the most impact to me and is one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite characters.


I have to warn you now, this post will probably have a lot of mushy and emotional stuff about me. I’m going to talk about some things I’ve experienced for a bit and how this quote has really impacted me. You have been warned. So…

My Favourite Anime Quote is…


Kou Mabuchi’s quote from Ao Haru Ride. 

I you read my post about my anime crush, Kou is, coincidentally, who I mention. I hadn’t planned this out, but it works. Alright, so first, I feel like I should explain the anime.

If you don’t remember, Ao Haru Ride is about a girl named Fubata who liked this boy named Kou when she was younger. She was also hated by many girls because she stole all the boys’ attention away from them. But before anything could happen between Kou and Fubata, Kou moved away. In high school, she didn’t want to be hated again like she had been in middle school, so she created a front in order to be more popular. She became sloppy and tomboyish in order to ward boys away.

However, one day, Kou comes crashing back into her life and changes her way of thinking. When Kou set his eyes upon her, he knew immediately that she was pretending to be someone she wasn’t and that begins to break the bond between her and the current “friends” she has. Fubata is, of course, sad and mad about this but is determined to make new friends. But, she doesn’t know how to start. The quote above is one of the things Kou says to encourage her.


I can relate to Fubata a lot because it had always been hard for me to make friends. While it took literally hours, or at most days, for people to make friends, I’d be the one that sat alone at lunch months after the beginning of school. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong, maybe I seemed too mean or too quiet. There was just something about me and I felt that I needed to change. But the thing was, I didn’t know how. And that really discouraged me from time to time.

This quote really impacted me because it made me realize that if I didn’t do anything– if I gave up now– nothing will change. If I give up, no one will care, if I get depressed, no one will notice. And that is the hard truth. But also, if I do something, I won’t be bothering anyone either.


It’s hard, and it’s still hard. I’m still trying to find answers; I’m still growing. There are many times where I do just want to give up and curl up in a corner. And I just want to cry because I don’t know where the future is going to take me, or where I’m going to end up because of my lack of confidence. But I know if I do that, nothing will change, so I need to step up and be courageous.

Writing is really my only outlet and it is the only thing that makes me feel better on a horrible day. But writing doesn’t get rid of that loneliness. One thing I’ve learned through all of this though, is that friendship is hard, to start and maintain, especially for me. But I need to start somewhere and reach out because in the end, it will be worth it.

Oh my gosh, sorry for getting all sappy and emotional. But that’s my explanation for my favourite quote and probably one of the reasons why Kou is my crush! I hoped you all enjoyed the picture of Kou! I’ll put one more for good measure 😉


What do you think? What is your favourite anime quote and why? 



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