Anime Review: Charlotte

If you have seen my post about the 30 Day Anime Challenge, where I talked about the most epic anime scene, I mentioned a scene in Charlotte. And I actually had finished Charlotte the day I had started it. Therefore,  I thought that I would do a review on this anime.



Charlotte is about a group of teens who have special abilities, such as telekinesis, flying, teleportation, etc… It follows a boy named Yū Otosaka, who has the ability to possess anyone within his line of sight for 5 seconds. He uses this ability for his own benefit and eventually gets caught and forced into a new school that contains all teens with abilities. He joins the student council to hunt down teens that are using their abusing their abilities.

This is the general plot, but a whole lot of other stuff happens builds upon this. In general, I really enjoyed the plot line. It was interesting to watch and follow, and I liked that it kept on moving forward and didn’t waste a moment to weave the storyline and then make it come together in the end.

When Yū starts going to the academy, I really liked how we get to see the average working day of the student council. We join them in the adventures of trying to figure out the person with the ability and see how their every day life goes. However, what I especially liked it that there weren’t too many episodes of this. Only one or two episodes showed their hunts, while the others focused on important things and that was good. I feel like if the episodes did do that, it would just get too redundant and predictable, like a magic girl show that gets boring after a while.

But this didn’t and I loved that. Instead, they focused more on figuring out Yū’s life and past, and the mysteries that surround those with abilities. I will touch more on this later on.


Yū Otosaka


If you have ever seen this anime, you would see that Yū is a pretty dense character and is the one that has the most character changes throughout the 13 episodes of this series.






In the first episode, we see that he is very manipulative and deceiving. He’s a cheater and someone who gets what he wants through dishonest means. But, when it gets to the second episode, his deception lowers a little and we see some change in him. There are many sides to Yū which is what makes him a great character, in my opinion.

Especially when his sister Ayumi died, we see that he becomes very closed off and depressed since he loved his sister a lot. He was so affected to the point that he was fighting gangs and almost took drugs.

And when he was left with a chance to save the world, he took it and in the end, lost his memories for it.

These different sides to him make him such a diverse character. And one that I feel is very connected and solid. I understood him in the span of the 13 episodes and that was one of the reasons that made the anime worth watching.

The only criticism would be that sometimes, his character changes so drastically, that his personality seems completely different. Such as the transition from the first episode to the second. In the first episode, as I mentioned, he was very deceiving and “evil” in a sense, but after the first episode onwards, we never see that side of him again. I would have liked it if his deceiving side would have stuck because it was a unique characteristic not many main characters have.





Nao Tomori


Nao Tomori is my favourite character in Charlotte. Her ability is invisibility, but she can only be invisible to one person only. Nao plays a very leader-like role in this anime, but is really misunderstood in the beginning of the series by the main character and by everyone in school for that matter. But deep down, she really is just another human that is struggling as much as the next person is, if not more.





Nao Tomori has a very deep background, which I think most of the characters do as well. Her brother and she were sold to scientist by her parents due to a circumstance that is unknown and her brother had been tested on by these scientists to find out more about their abilities. Nao managed to escape, but her brother, however, suffered a huge memory loss and wasn’t the same ever again. This incident caused her to never trust anyone again until she met Yū’s brother Shunsuke.

I loved her character because I felt it was strong and appropriate for the storyline. Even though she was shunned by her schoolmates, she stood her ground and kept going. She led and drew conclusion, and I felt that she was the best one to be the second protagonist of the series.

I don’t really have any criticisms on her character. But I would have liked if the anime had explored her character more.





I’m not sure which other characters are worth mentioning. Most of the time, I had no problem with the characters. There weren’t too many to remember, nor was there anyone overly ridiculous. What I thought could have been better was, I wished that the anime could have been longer, so they could have explored the characters more and provided more of a story for them. There were also a bunch of important characters that were introduced near the end, and they only took up four episodes, which I thought was quite a short time span in order to wrap my head around everything that was going on. So, I wished that they had, again, more time to explore the plot and character in more depth.



The conflict of this anime is very complex, but overall, I did enjoy it. At first, you’d think that the anime was just about finding teens with abilities and bringing them to the school, but as the story progresses, it turns out to be way more than that. In fact, terrorists from other countries get involved and a whole bunch of things happen.

Because a whole bunch of things happen, I’m going back to my other point, that I wish the anime could have been longer so that the conflict could have been cemented more before moving on to the next event. The anime was very fast paced, which I understand that it worked, it worked very well. But if it had been longer, I felt that I would have connected with the characters more.



The art for this anime was also very decent. It’s not like Your Lie in April, where it was very dreamlike. But this anime followed more of the modern art and I really liked it. There were many scenes like the picture above with the sparkles and sunshine, but I thought it added to the scenes because it only happened when necessary. Seeing the abilities on screen was also very fun to watch and I loved how they animated each ability.

There are a few scenes that are quite graphic, but I felt that it added to the anime. It wasn’t too graphic and there weren’t any inappropriate (kissy) scenes.


Overall, I give this anime a


Four and half out of Five Stars!

I thoroughly enjoyed this anime. Though, I do feel like I say that with almost all anime I watch. But this anime will probably be one of my favourites since it does include “magic”, which is one thing that I can’t say no to. The show was almost perfect and I would recommend this for anyone who wants a short anime to watch, or something that is really fun to watch.

Thoughts? Have you watched Charlotte? What do you think about the anime?


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