Wattpad Book Review: YTY CPN Collection

Title: YTY CPN Collection
Genre: Random
Author: Momokako
Status: Ongoing
Related Words: cellphone novel, teen fiction, romance

A collection of Cellphone Novels made by Momokako. Inspired by anime. 


I haven’t read a book like this, on or off Wattpad, before, so I’m not too experienced in these types of books. However, I really did like the change and I though telling a Teen Fiction story in this format was really effective and it appealed to me more than if it were written in regular prose.

The story I read was the first one in the book, and I have to say, it was a cliche plot line. It’s about a boy and a girl, where the girl is in love with the boy and the boy is dating someone else. It isn’t anything I haven’t heard of before and if it were written in prose, I have to admit, I would have lost interest right away.

However, the way the story is structured makes the plot line go faster and spares us of the cliche details that we can no doubt imagine for ourselves. The quick pace of the story didn’t take away from the story, but I thought it added to it, which was what I thought was a great thing.

Here are some things I liked:

– The format
– Like I said before, the format gave the story a good pace for the readers and told the story effectively

Here are some things I thought could have improved: 

– The plot line
– In addition to being cliche, I thought that during some parts of the story, there were situations that turned over too quickly. I felt that it would have been better to put more scenes between the biggest parts of the plot for the characters to settle into their dilemma before solving it. This would have made the story flow better.


This was a great quick read and I’d recommend this to anyone who loves teen fiction or romance novels, yet wants a quick book.


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