Naruto: Search for Tsunade (Episodes 81-100)

I’m past the Chunin Exams and into the next arc. This arc was a lot more relaxed as Naruto and Jiraiya go and find Tsunade to be the next Hokage (since the last one was killed by Orochimaru), but there was a lot of things going on as well. We encounter Orochimaru again, we see a little bit of Sasuke’s past more as he encounters the infamous Uchiha Itachi, and this is the time when Naruto is learning how to do the Rasengan.


Brief Summary

The arc starts out with Uchiha Itachi and Kisame infiltrating the Hidden Village of the Leaves. Their goal is to retrieve Naruto, but before they can even do anything, they are stopped by some of the Jonin of the village. Meanwhile, Naruto and Jiraya go and search for Tsunade, who will be the next Hokage. They meet Uchiha Itachi and Kisame, who had managed to escape from the village, there and attempt to capture Naruto again.

However, just when they are about to take Naruto away, Sasuke intervenes. He had heard his brother was in the village by accident and finds out that he is after Naruto, so decides to go after him. Sasuke, with his desire for revenge on Itachi, goes to kill him without any success and passes out. Jiraiya comes in and manages to chase the two members of the Akatsuki away before they can do more damage.

And while that was going on, we follow Tsunade as she encounters Orochimaru, who turns out to be a former teammate of hers and Jiraiya’s. He offers her the resurrected versions of the people she once loved if she would heal him arms, which were cursed by the Third Hokage.

After debating it with herself, she decides not to, but by then, they were already in battle with Orochimaru and his henchman Kabuto. After the battle ended, Tsunade accepts her position as Hokage and returns to the Leave Village.

What I Liked

The Akatsuki and Naruto


Although they may be the bad guys in Naruto, I really liked how they appeared when they appeared. They set their goal to capture Naruto and I felt that it gave a lot more to the plot and a lot more to who Naruto was. It gave a sense of urgency as we already know Naruto is powerful, but we didn’t know just how powerful. Clearly, if an organization wanted him, it meant Naruto had a great power.



One of the most important parts of this arc was Naruto learning the Rasengan. We are told that the Rasengan was the Fourth Hokage’s jutsu and only very few people can use it. I really liked how he was one of those very few people as it showed the potential that Naruto has. He wasn’t using his Nine-Tailed chakra while doing this, so it showed how his character was growing as he got stronger by his own strength.



Tsunade was first introduced in this arc and I can tell she will be one of my favourite characters in Naruto. She first comes out as a bit of a jerk and seems to have a weak will, as she considers giving in to Orochimaru, but that was what I liked about her character so much. She has many imperfections to her character; she isn’t perfect, but yet by the end of it, she tries her best and puts her life on the line to protect those that matter to her. Though she had probably lost sight of what was important along the way, she learned from her mistakes, moved away from the past, and tried again. That was what made her such a strong character.

What I Disliked



During this arc, I wasn’t a big fan of Shizune. Whenever she was around, I felt that she wasn’t really needed and there wasn’t any point to her character. She serves as Tsunade’s assistant throughout the course of the years Tsunade was out of the village, but besides that, she doesn’t really have a noticeable purpose.

Other than that, I didn’t really have anything else I did like. The battle at the end dragged on for quite a bit, but overall I really like how it went. Naruto was able to show his own strengths, changing Tsunade’s mind in the end. And we got to see Tsunade’s power as she fought with Kabuto and Orochimaru.



Four out of five stars! The longer I continue to watch this anime, the more I feel like I’m getting more into it and it’s too late for me to get out. Naruto is starting to grow on me and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Any thoughts? What are your opinions on this arc? 



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