A Series of Unfortunate Events: Episodes 3&4 The Reptile Room

After watching the first two episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events, I felt that the series just got better as I watched and finished the two parts of The Reptile Room. Although I have never read the book, I love the story and the suspense behind the mystery of the Baudelaire parent’s death is so interesting and captivating to watch.


I absolutely loved the character of Monty. His cheerfulness was contagious and the sarcastic way of how the characters acted really made me my day as I watched the few episodes. And the way how the episodes are so educational with the vocabulary and literary terms makes you laugh out loud and how informative it is.

The Reptile room was also amazing to view and, of course, when Count Olaf made a come back, it was super aggravating to watch as all the adults were so ignorant and didn’t recognise him. And I felt especially sad for all three of the children as they had to go through this.




Although I know this isn’t part of the books, I loved seeing the parents of the Baudelaire children. It makes me wonder how they are alive and why they were kidnapped. It gave a whole lot of conflict and suspense to the plot and I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens next.

The spy glass as well with Monty at the movie theatre was so interesting to watch. The character of Monty himself was just so interesting to watch. From the beginning of the episode, after Count Olaf had arrived to be Monty’s new “assistant”, Monty had been suspicious of the so called “Stephano”. And I thought he had known that Stephano was actually Count Olaf since he said he knew that Stephano was up to no good. However, towards the end of the 3rd episode, we find out that he didn’t have a clue who Stephano really was. Monty suspected that “Stephano” had been one of the spies from the Herpetological Society. And I slightly shrivelled up inside. It completely blows my mind every single time how the adults are so ignorant.

However when Uncle Monty died, that was the worst thing ever. As the episodes progress, Count Olaf just becomes more despicable and horrifying. I had really liked Uncle Monty. Thank goodness, that the children were able to uncover Count Olaf’s identity.

And in the end of the two episodes, we see Jacqueline, Mr. Poe’s secretary, reveal herself from pretending to be a statue. That was such a surprising part and it relieved me to finally see an adult that wasn’t ignorant to Count Olaf’s schemes!

What are your thoughts on The Reptile Room? What was your favourite scene? 


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