5 Reasons Why I Love Reading

As many of you probably know about now, I love books and I love to read them even more. I feel really sad whenever I see how less and less people are reading books as they grow older or as the years pass. Although I have a fair share of love for the internet, I feel that reading it such an important aspect that I could never throw aside. I’ve been reading every since I was in elementary school, and ever since then it has given me so many things.

So here are 5 reasons why I think reading is amazing:

1. It’s an Escape from Reality


So, of course, I’m going to start with the reason that is probably the most commonly heard, but I feel that this is a very important aspect of reading. Sometimes life is really messy and there is nothing you can do about it, but books just allow you disappear for a few hours and give you another world with its own problems that can’t ever affect you.

It gives you another world that you can travel into even without moving an inch from your spot. And it lets you imagine things that you never though of imagining before you read the book. Which leads me to my next point:

2. It Expands Your Mind


From reading books, I find myself learning so much more than I could ever learn from regular school. I have learned to look at different perspectives, imagine outside the box, and so much more. I find myself even applying things I’ve learned from the books I’ve read into my regular life and also my school life. This is especially true with papers in English class. There is no telling how many times the books I’ve read has saved my essays and helped me think of new ideas to write.

3. Grows Your Vocabulary


One of the things I’ve noticed from reading books is how my vocabulary has expanded so much. I find myself using complex wording in my essays and writings. And it’s great, since it can impress the reader, more specifically the teacher who is reading it 😉

4. It’s Simply Fun!


It’s great to follow books characters as they journey through the plot of the book. You get to see them discover new things, develop as people, and in the long term, it can affect you as well. The mysteries in the books suddenly become your own mystery that you have to solve and as you go through the pages, you feel as though you are part of their world. That is what I find magical about the power of words. Plus, nothing can beat a good book with hot chocolate and comfy blankets.

5. Connects You to People Who Love Books


I’m not very much of a small talker and find really hard starting and maintaining conversations, which, as you can imagine, is really awkward. However, it’s a totally different situation when you get me started on books. I could talk hours on end about it, which probably earns me a lot of bored looks from non-readers, but when that rare reader comes into the scene, we just share that look and it’s like we finally have someone who understands us.

The communities there are for books such as Bookstagram and Book blogging as well has been so totally amazing! There aren’t many people I’ve met in my personal life who have that total love for books, so these communities have really been very special.

What do you love about reading? 


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