30 Days of Harry Potter: Quidditch Position

One of the most popular things in the wizarding world is a sport called Quidditch. It is introduced in the first book Sorcerer’s Stone, and is similar to basketball, but totally different. This is the most popular (and probably only) sport in the wizarding world, and in the Goblet of Fire, the character even went to a World Cup playoff of Qudditch between two teams.


On a Quidditch team, there are a total of 7 players and 4 balls. There are three hoops at each end of field, which acts as the “net”. The 4 balls include 2 bludgers, which are metal balls that fly uncontrollably all over the place, 1 Quaffle, which is the main ball you score points with, and 1 Snitch, which is the fastest and hardest to spot ball that ends the game when caught.

The players include 3 Chasers, which are responsible for shooting the Quaffle through the hoops of the opposing team, 1 Keeper, who guards the hoops, 2 Beaters, who focus on protecting their teammates from the bludgers and hitting them to the opposing team, and a chaser, who catches the snitch.

Here’s a clip of Harry’s first Quidditch match.

Now that the concept of Quidditch is known, I’m going to be talking about what I think my Quidditch position would be. If I ever go to Hogwarts, that is.


As a person who does decent at most sports and a person that is relatively sneaky on the field, (There have been no counting how many times I’ve have stolen the ball from someone without them noticing. I don’t know if it’s because I’m really quiet or if I’m invisible.) I’d probably be either the seeker or the chaser. However, I’m leaning more to seeker since I don’t particularly enjoy being tackled or shoved, which is usually what happens in Quidditch matches.


And there you have it!

What would your Quidditch position be? 





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