Naruto Shippuden: Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission (Episodes 32-52)

I am very behind in my reviews of Naruto Shippuden. I think I’m past at least a hundred episodes, but haven’t much time to write about them. In total, I think I’ve already watched at least 200 episodes and my mind is so fill with the plot and the characters. So many things have happened and I can’t wait to see where the whole series will end up.


The arc I’m going to talk about in this post is the Tenchi Bridge arc, where Naruto and Sakura, with the addition of new team members, go to the Tenchi Bridge to meet up with a spy to get more information on Orochimaru. Sakura had killed a member of the Akatsuki in the last arc, who told her that he had a spy working for him that would tell him information about Oroshimaru. In their desperation to get to Sasuke, they went to meet this spy. However, it didn’t turn out as they planned.

Things I Liked:

The New Members

new team 7.jpg

This was basically my favourite part of the whole arc, with the exception of Naruto and Sakura finally meeting up with Sasuke. The characters of Sai and Yamato were completely hilarious, and their personalities clashed with Naruto and Sakura’s more times that could count.  Sai, especially, was the oddball of the entire group. He was socially awkward, complete with fake smiles, and was emotionless to a point. I was laughing so hard whenever he came on.

Nine Tails Form


Naruto’s four tailed form appears in this arc and I was so excited to see this happening. He is so unbelievably powerful, holding him own against Orochimaru, in this dangerous form. However, he does completely lose his mind and hurt Sakura in the process. This moment, though, I felt was a vital part in Naruto’s character development, as after this all happened, Naruto began to realize the enormity of his power. And after acknowleding that his power could hurt many people, he decided to rely on his own power rather of the Nine Tail’s.

Naruto and Sakura FINALLY meeting up with SASUKE!


This was the moment I had been waiting for ever since Shippuden started. When Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura finally met, it was the highlight of the arc. We get to see how much Sasuke had really changed and his character was so different; it was incredible. We could see that Sasuke had that evil aura around him, that he had more hatred, and that any  trace of the old Sasuke  had disappeared. It was so interesting to see his character compare from 3 years ago and how he’s almost at the line of pure evil.

Things I Didn’t Like As Much:



Even though I did love Sai as an addition to Team 7, there were some parts that I felt made me really confused about his character. Throughout the entire arc, we don’t really see what his intentions are even though it is hinted that he is up to no good. First we think he’s working as a spy for Orochimaru, next he’s not, then next he’s going to kill Sasuke, then next he’s not. He kept switching sides until I was in over my head, and I didn’t know what to believe anymore. Though in the end, when the situation was cleared, I got more of a understand of his character, but I already felt so iffy about him. He’s kind of a love-hate character.



4 out of 5 stars! The series is really picking up and I can see so many things are happening behind the scenes, not only with Akatsuki, but with Naruto himself and Sasuke. I’m excited to see how the three characters will carry on.

What are your thoughts on this arc? What were your favourite scenes or characters? 


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