A Series of Unfortunate Events: Episodes 5&6 The Wide Window

The next two episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events was definitely a lot more intense. It was scary at times, very eerie, and so totally dark. The whole mood of the series is dark, and as it goes on, I feel so much more sadness for the Baduelaire children.


In these two episodes, the Baudelaire children are sent to go live with their Aunt Josephine, who we find out not long after they arrive is a very paranoid woman and is a strict on grammar. From what we have heard from her past, she used to be fierce and formidable, but that has changed since then. Of course, like before, Count Olaf soon comes into the scene and then proceeds to ruin their lives once again.

In The Wide Window Parts 1 and 2, I felt the series went down a dark alley. And not because it was dark most of the time because their aunt didn’t like fire nor electricity, but because we found out that there was a lot more to the Baudelaires, especially their parents, than we originally thoughts.  And I loved how as the series progresses, the more the mystery develops and we begin to cheer for the children as they themselves find out the truth, which coincidentally always gets snatched away from them whenever they come close.





When Count Olaf arrived and the adults again didn’t listen to the children, I was as always annoyed. It was only when Count Olaf deliberately revealed his identity to Josephine did she believe them, but by then, it was too late. She was forced to fake her own death, hide out in a cave, and it was all downhill from there. It was especially sad in the end, when Josephine finally mustered up the courage to stand up to Count Olaf, and she was killed. And the children were without a guardian again.

This show is so sad to watch and so heartbreaking, but I can’t help continue watching since I want to know what happens to the Baudelaire children. I can expect much from the next few episodes– the last two of the season– and hopefully, they will be able to escape from Count Olaf’s clutches once again.





What did you think about these two episodes? 


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