A Series of Unfortunate Events: Episodes 7&8 The Miserable Mill

Episodes 7 and 8 were the last two episodes for the Netflix A Series of Unfortunate Events. So far, only 4 books out of the 13 have been acted out and it takes off from where the last two episodes ended.


These two episodes were filled with a lot of drama and a lot of emotions. The Baudelaire children head off to Lucky Smells Lumbermill in attempt to escape Count Olaf’s clutches and to avoid Mr. Poe, who refused to take heart to the children’s correct accusations.

At the mill, the children are forced to work there and are paid unfairly with gum and coupons. And as the plot progresses, a hypnotist appears and so does Count Olaf again.

Out of all the 8 episodes of this series, I have to say that these two were my favourite since there was a lot of things happening. First, it was terribly awful to see the three children having to work at a mill and having their parents being blamed for a fire. And no matter how much they tried to look into it, they never were able to find out what happened until the last few minutes of the episode.

It gets really infuriating, especially when Klaus is hypnotized and is forced to do so many horrible things. Count Olaf is a really awful person and I do not know how the children have endured him for such a long time.

And the parents! Ever since the series started, the parents have been appearing in almost every episode. It has been hinted that they were trying to reach their children and go back home to where they could be safe. These parents were literally the only hope I had for the Baudelaire children to escape Count Olaf’s hands and to finally be safe. However, that doesn’t happen and the biggest plot twist that left completely heartbroken was when the parents were revealed to not be the parents of the Baudelaires. Instead, they were the parents of other children.

Then the parent’s house catches on fire, and leaves the children in the same position as the Baudelaires. This series is so heart wrenchingly painful, but so horribly good, it’s awful.

But the highlight of these two episodes was the ending, when the Baudelaires were shipped off to a boarding school. Klaus managed to get his spyglass back, and unknowingly were close to the other children as well, who had another piece of the spyglass.


This ending left a whole lot of excitement and I really cannot wait for the second season!

What thoughts do you have on A Series of Unfortunate Events? 


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