Anime Review: The Boy and the Beast


Time: 1h 59m (approx. 2 hours)
Genre: Adventure, Supernatural
Related Words: beast, sword fight, humans, world
Rating: 3.5/5

This is a story about a boy and a beast, and two worlds– Shibuten and the human realm. With Ren’s mother’s death, Ren finds himself running away from home and eventually in another world. He becomes the student of one of the strongest beasts Kumatetsu as he grows up. However, when he returns to the human realm several years later, he finds himself torn between his old home and his new one. 


What is it About?

The Boy and the Beast is about a boy who runs away from home after a tragic event occurs. After living off scraps for a while, he gets discovered by a beast from another world, who asks him to come with him. The boy gets curious and ends up going to this other world and the beast begins to train him to be a warrior.

Overall Review (Without Spoilers)

This was such a fun movie to watch. I especially loved the main character and the beast and how they paired up to make an awesome duo. And this other world that the main character travels into seems like the best place ever. There were some parts of the movie that I felt were too rushed, but I felt that it was a very enjoyable movie. It’s perfect for any age, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who just wants a nice anime movie to enjoy.

Full Review (*With Spoilers*)


The beginning of this movie was great and I loved how we got to see the young boy struggle living on his own without any family members. I really showed his emotions and his feelings against his family and how lonely he really was.

His adventure out to Shibuten was great to see as well. I loved how different the world was and how the young boy was able to change Kumatetsu for the better and himself get stronger as well. I loved seeing how he learned to fight, at first not by others teaching him, but by his own way of learning. It showed how intelligent he was.

His venture back into the real world was just as interesting, as we got to see his desire to be a normal human and to live a life like any other.


Despite all these good things however, I felt that the whole movie was very lacking and greatly unsatisfying. Although I loved how the boy (we learn his name is Ren later on. However, Kyuta was his name in Shibuten) grew in character, I really was disappointed when I saw how eager he was to get out of Shibuten, like these past years he had been living there was nothing to him. Seeing him disregard, or seemingly not having any feelings at all for his temporary home for the past years, didn’t seem realistic.

I also didn’t like the fact how many open ends were left untied and so many questions were left unanswered. Like the fact or his sidekick mouse. The mother was hinted to be the mouse, but it was never confirmed. I was also curious why the father and mother were divorced. The plot went too fast for my taste as well, jumping from when he was in the human world, to Shibuten, and then back again. I felt that they should have paced it out more because it was hard to digest the situation.

So many things happened in this movie, so many ideas and themes, that is wasn’t all equally and deeply explored. Things were just barely touching the surface of the matter, such as the hatred inside human hearts, until I didn’t feel very engaged in the movie. Even the ending hints as though the characters are going to continue with their lives as if nothing had happened to them, which irked me a little because I would have liked to see how they had changed after all that had happened. But instead, they all kinda just went back to their own lives without anything really changing.

I did like the animation, however, and I though it was a decent movie. The relationship between Ren and Kumatetsu was very fun to watch.



3.5/5 stars! And there you have it! Those are my thoughts on The Boy and the Beast. 

What are your thoughts on the movie? Did you like it? 


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