Naruto Shippuden: Fated Battle Between Brothers (Episodes 134-143)

This arc focused on Sasuke and Itachi’s relationship as brothers and as enemies. Seeing the two brothers finally fight after such a long time, it was great seeing them resolve their conflicts. Itachi acted in ways unexpected and it was interesting seeing his reason and his logic.



I’ve been waiting for the fight between Sasuke and Itachi for a pretty long time. It was obvious Sasuke wanted to avenge his clan by killing his older brother and he wanted to kill him with his own hands. Sasuke’s ambition had been known since the first few episodes of Naruto and it has finally come to the point where Sasuke and Itachi fight each other to the death.

And I loved how each of them had showed their powers individually. Sasuke had grown since the time he tried to tacked Itachi back in Naruto and he seems more mature, much to the pride of Itachi. And Itachi is as deceiving as ever with his Genjutsus and fighting style.

However, towards the end of this arc, we find out that Itachi had a motivation to kill his whole clan, and it wasn’t just out of pure spite. Itachi had actually killed his clan on an order from the Third Hokage at that time because his clan was planning on taking over the village.

Itachi’s sacrifice was slowly made known in this arc and it was a really sad reveal. Thinking how he had lived his whole life as a sacrifice told how strong Itachi was and how loyal he was to the village. That was the major event that I liked in this arc– the reveal and the truth of Itachi’s past.



What did you think of this arc? 


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