30 Days of Harry Potter: Least Favourite Character(s)

My last Harry Potter post was all about my favourite characters. So today, I’m going to list some of my least favourite characters in the entire series. Here we go!

5. Lucius Malfoy


Surprisingly, Lucius is the only Malfoy that I dislike. I have mixed feelings for Draco– I love him, but I feel like he’s done quite a lot of things that aren’t so good. Narcissa had that love for Draco and spared Harry, which I am grateful for. But Lucius had always been judgmental towards muggle borns and forced Draco into being someone who he didn’t want to be deep down in his heart. He was that figure that wasn’t purely evil, but kinda pitiful, really.

4. Rita Skeeter


Rita, the gossipmonger and beetle, who annoyed and angered literally everyone in the books and movies. Even though she had a small part in the books and movies, and didn’t really do too much harm– but still did harm– I really did not like her character. If you saw the movies or read the books, you would understand why.

3. Peter Pettigrew


No offence to the rats out there, but Peter was a rat and will always be a rat. He was part of the circle of friends that Harry’s father was in. Peter, Sirius, James, and Lupin, and they were the best of friends. But then, Peter goes to betray James and then fully goes to the Dark Lord’s side? Yeah, that doesn’t seem nor sound too good.

2. The Dursleys


Even though they are muggles, they are some of the most rotten characters in the book. From beginning to the end, they were always treating Harry badly and their pridefulness and their stuck up attitude never really put off a good atmosphere.

1. Dolores Umbridge


And lastly, Umbridge makes the top of the list. Surprised? No, I don’t think so. Her personality was too pink and nosy and utterly toadish.

“I will have order.”

– Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix

And that’s it! I know, Voldemort didn’t make the list, but I feel like I don’t really know Voldy as much as the other characters listed above since he literally only shows up for a few pages at the end of most of the books. So, there you have it!

What are some of your least favourite characters in Harry Potter?


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