Anime Review: The Devil is a Part-Timer

Episodes: 13
Genre: supernatural, fantasy
Related Words: devil, part time job, magic, angels, demons
Rating: 3/5

When a hero vanquishes his underworld army, the devil flees to Earth, vowing one day to reign again. But in the meantime, he needs a job!


General Overview (Without Spoilers)

I just recently saw this show on Netflix and I thought the title was a little… different, so I decided to watch the first episode. And I found that the anime was very lighthearted and almost heartwarming. It lacked a lot of plot and characterisation, but the show was just really funny and cute.

The anime is basically about Satan himself, who gets banished from the underworld and ends up on earth. With no way back home, he and his friend/servant decide to do the best they can to survive, including buying a home and getting a job. Along the way, they meet some unexpected people and do all sorts of crazy stuff. And that’s basically it. So if you have some spare time or want to kill some time, and don’t mind that this anime doesn’t really have a solid plot, try it out sometime!

Full Review (*With Spoilers*)


The series starts out with Satan being banished and going to earth with one of his friend/servant (I’m not sure what to call him) Ashiya. They find they have little magic left, barely enough to go home and start roaming this place called Earth.

They start making a life there and soon Satan (or Maou as he calls himself) finds a job at MgRonald’s. And lives a pretty normal life.

And that was the thing. Even though Maou was the so called devil himself, he never really showed any signs of evil at all, but was actually a good citizen. Sure, he had this ambition to conquer Earth and wanted to back to his home and become the ruler again, but he was never the bad guy.

Even his servants/friends Ashiya and Lucifer one way or another became good people, despite being demons. And it was actually the head of the church and an angel that became the bad guy, which was quite a twist.


And in fact, even though their goal was to go home, they never achieved that in the anime. But chose to stay on Earth even though they had multiple opportunities to go home. The anime was also very anti-climatic, with only a few parts where things got a little hyped, but there was never really that one scene where it was amazing.

Most of the episodes were basically very relaxed. The Hero, Emilia, who was the one who almost defeated Maou in the other world, met Maou on Earth (since she also went to Earth to finish Maou off). But they never really engage in battle, and there wasn’t a lot of tension between Emilia and Maou. We do find out that Maou had been indirectly responsible for Emilia’s father’s death, but that wasn’t really mentioned again after the first time.

It was a weird show, no solid plot. But I’d recommend to watch it if you just want some time to kill. It is a very funny show and the characters were really likeable.



This anime wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the best. So I’d say it’s about average, maybe even a little below. But I did enjoy the fun scenes and felt that if there was a plot involved, it could have been a really good show.

What did you think? Have you watched The Devil is Part Timer? What are you opinions of the show? 




7 thoughts on “Anime Review: The Devil is a Part-Timer

  1. Karandi says:

    This is one of my favourite comedies (mostly because I don’t like comedy and because this show had me laughing out loud a number of times). I really just like the concept of trying to take over the world starting as a part time employee at a fast food restaurant. There’s something inherently funny about that set up.

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  2. D says:

    A little below average echoes my sentiments about this show. I liked the characters well enough but couldn’t reconcile who we’re told they are to who they actually are…if that makes any sense. The comedy didn’t work for me beyond some typical smiles and as you said, there wasn’t a single scene that could be counted as amazing. All in all, I was very underwhelmed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eileen X. says:

      Yes, I have to agree. I did enjoy watching this anime since there were a ton of funny parts, but I didn’t feel there was a solid plot to it that made it amazing. And as you said, the characters just didn’t match up and it was ironic at times. All in all, it was fun show, but felt it could have been better. Thanks for reading!

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