30 Days of Harry Potter: Favourite Professor(s)

In this post, I’m going to be talking about some of my favourite professors in Harry Potter. The professors in this series have actually large roles in the growth of Harry Potter and in the development in his character. Though many might not have too many scenes, the professors are incredibly important and here are some of my favourites:

5. Professor Trelawney


I’ve always liked Professor Trelawney and I don’t even know why. Perhaps it’s because of her eccentric-ness or that she really is kind despite her appearance. She can be scary at times, especially when she goes on about death, but her character has always interested me and she will always be my favourite divination teacher.

4. Professor Dumbledore

Dumbledore's_speech_at_the_Great_Hall_in_1996 (1).jpg

He’s pretty low on this list, but my respect for Professor Dumbledore it pretty deep. He did so much in the background and helped Harry a bunch of times. He was very wise and I love all the quotes that came from Dumbledore.

3. Professor McGonagall

maxresdefault (1)

She is probably the only professor we see a lot throughout all the movies and books, and she’s been with Harry and co. since day one. As head of the Gryffindor house and Transfiguration professor, she’s very strict, but I love how passionate she can become when it comes to protecting what’s most important to her.

2. Hagrid



In my opinion, Hagrid was such a fun professor and I loved his Care of Magical Creatures classes, though they were a little dangerous. He such a softhearted giant and I loved how he tried to teach students about the wonders of magical creatures.

1. Professor Lupin


And, of course, my favourite professor is our favourite werewolf, Lupin! Even though he was only the DADA teacher for one year, I loved his teaching style and he was such a fun person to read and hang around with. He helped Harry so much in his third year and was revealed to be Harry’s father’s friend. He even taught everyone one of my favourite spells– Riddikulus!

And there you have it! My favourite Hogwarts professors!

What did you think? What are some of your favourite professors?


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