Movie Review: Beauty and the Beast

Genre: Fantasy
Duration: 2h 9m (2 hours, 9 minutes)
Actors/Actresses: Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Josh Gad, Luke Evans
Related Words: Beauty and the Beast, Disney, fairytale, castle, curse, roses

A live action version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast follows a girl named Belle, who lives with her father in a small village. One day, her father comes across an enchanted castle in the forest and becomes entrapped in the castle by a beast. Belle comes to her father’s rescue, deciding to take her father’s place as the Beast’s prisoner. But he isn’t just an ordinary Beast, but a beast under a curse that will only break up until a certain time.


General Overview (Without Spoilers)

Everyone knows the story of Beauty and the Beast, and of course, I was so excited when I finally was able to go watch this wonderful movie. As a child, Disney was a huge part of my life and Beauty and the Beast was one of my favourite movies, Belle was one of my favourite princesses.

And this movie really captured that magical vibe and recreated Beauty and the Beast on a whole new level. Everything looked so real, from the castle to the talking furniture, to the beast himself. And the songs were fabulous. I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack.

And what’s more, the plot holes that you see in the original Beauty and the Beast Disney film were no more and so many questions were answered. There was more detail in this film, more to it and I loved watching every moment of it.

Full Review (*With Spoilers)


There aren’t actually a lot of new things in this movie, only some added parts, but the background story that they provided was amazing. Turns out Belle and her father had moved to the small village that she lived in, in the beginning of the story, because of a plague that killed her mother. The Beast’s mother also died from some sickness and was turned into a cold hearted man by his father. And there was even more detail with the enchantress and the castle, it was great!

The personality of the Beast was really fun to watch and I loved seeing Belle and the Beast interact with one another. The Beast was funnier and had a lot more personality in the live action. And the library was a dream.

There were also new songs added, which I was really surprised they made new ones, but was happy that they did nonetheless. Emma’s singing was amazing and I loved the song Evermore sung by the Beast. The costumes were also beautiful to look at.

And I may be bias because Emma Watson is my favourite actress ever, but I felt all the actors did such a wonderful job in playing their roles. Luke Evans was an amazing Gaston and Josh Gad was such a funny Lefou. And Dan Stevens, though we didn’t see his face until the end, played the Beast so well.



This was just an amazing movie overall and I’d recommend this movie to any Disney movie lover.

What do you think? Have you watched the movie? What did you like about the movie? 


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