30 Days of Harry Potter – Favourite Villain(s)

Every story needs a villain, or in Harry Potter’s case, a lot of villains. And here is my list of my favourite villains in Harry Potter.

5. Narcissa Malfoy


Technically, Narcissa can barely be called villain and we only meet her in the later stages of Harry Potter, but she is still a Death Eater on the Dark Lord’s side. The reason she makes it on this list because she kind of a good bad guy. She is a Death Eater, but that doesn’t erase the fact that she did save Harry’s life. Granted, she did only do it because of her son Draco.

4. Draco Malfoy


Okay, okay, before anyone gets mad that Draco is on this list because he isn’t technically a villain either, he is kinda still an enemy and is a nemesis to Harry and I put him on this list because he did play a role in the “villainous” parts. Though he might act like a coward 24/7 and sided with the Dark Lord in the last book, I’ve always felt bad for Draco. He was never given the choice in his life and basically inherited his hatred for others, especially muggle borns from his family.

3. Voldemort


And Voldemort appears next! He is the main villain of this series and he’s been pretty persistent over the course of Harry’s seven years at Hogwarts. I have to say he does make a pretty good villain. Though I never understood how he ended up looking the way he did. Like how did he lose his nose and hair at the same time? Maybe he’s suck in mid-animagus phase?

2. Severus Snape


Snape, I have to admit, is very complicated. I don’t know whether or not to call him a villain since he did help Harry and Dumbledore, but he still has those villainous qualities I guess. It’s complicated. But the reason that I like Snape was how he worked in the background. He is a Death Eater, but he still chose to protect his friends behind Voldemort’s back. He’s kind of in that grey area, but he was a good character.

1. Bellatrix Lestrange


Surprised? Nope. Bellatrix is probably the best and my favourite villain in Harry Potter. She’s crazy and insane, but that’s what makes her so awesome. She’s ruthless and creates so many problems for Harry and co. Her cackle is so fun to hear, strangely enough, and her personality is awful, but memorable.

I know half of these “villains” couldn’t fully be labelled as “villains”, but this is my list!

What do you think? Who are some of your favourite villains in Harry Potter?


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Harry Potter – Favourite Villain(s)

  1. Karandi says:

    Bellatrix was kind of fun. Not exactly complex in terms of villains and her motivation was pretty basic, but she was always entertaining and that was kind of needed at times. Thanks for sharing your list.

    Liked by 1 person

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