Anime Review: Angel Beats

Episodes: 13
Genre: supernatural
Related Words: death, afterlife, purgatory, angel, life
Rating: 4.5/5

Otonashi awakens only to learn he is dead. A rifle-toting girl named Yuri explains that they are in the afterlife, and Otonashi realizes the only thing he can remember about himself is his name. Yuri tells him that she leads the Shinda Sekai Sensen (Afterlife Battlefront) and wages war against a girl named Tenshi. Unable to believe Yuri’s claims that Tenshi is evil, Otonashi attempts to speak with her, but the encounter doesn’t go as he intended.

Otonashi decides to join the SSS and battle Tenshi, but he finds himself oddly drawn to her. While trying to regain his memories and understand Tenshi, he gradually unravels the mysteries of the afterlife.

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General Overview (Without Spoilers)

This was such a fun anime to watch and it was definitely very interesting and different. Usually, the protagonist of a show doesn’t died because if he did, there would be no show. But everyone is already dead in Angel Beats and stuck in this state of Purgatory. As a result, they all decide to fight against Tenshi, in hopes to find the answers that they need.

I really liked watching this show because not only was it really funny, but it had a lot of meaning to it. It was sad, yes, just a bit of warning to those who don’t know, but it was sweet as well. I personally really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Full Review (*With Spoilers*)


Before I talk about that ENDING THAT NEARLY KILLED ME, let’s talk about everything that happened before.

So we first see Otonashi wake up in this new world and then be stabbed by Tenshi, only to realize that people can’t die in this world. One thing leads to another and Otonashi decides to join a group of rebellious students called the SSS in order to fight against Tenshi and find out the answers to their questions.

And, of course, here comes that sad part. Apparently, if you didn’t fight and lived a regular in the world, you would eventually disappear– something that they want to prevent.

Each episode of Angel Beats was so much fun to watch and I loved how we got to know each of the characters personally in such a short amount of time. The characters were hilarious and they each had distinct characteristics that made them really unique and likeable. Seeing their adventures in the episodes were really great to watch and then knowing each of their sad pasts was just emotionally breath taking.

Each of the students inevitably have a regretful life that they had lived, and went to this Purgatory place in order to find a sense of fulfilment before they went to Heaven. This part of the story really got to me because as the stories were revealed, especially Yuri’s, there was a lot of emotion that was involved. There was a lot of deep meaning as well, touching to how we only do have one life to live, and how even if it’s horrible, it’s our life. And there are no second chances. It was a really meaningful anime.


Okay, now THAT ENDING! T.T


Otonashi confessed his love to Kanade and I was estactic. I was so happy, I was shipping them since the first few episodes, and I wanted them to get together. But then what happens? Kanade reveals that Otonashi, when he died, had given his heart to her as a donor, and her only regret in life was not giving him her thanks. Then she thanks him and DISAPPEARS. LIKE WHAT?

And then… Otonashi cried and grabbed at air, and I was done for. And then the after credit rolled on by to show people that look similar to Otonashi and Kanade meet. I don’t know what world that was in, but I really hoped that all the SSS people meet again, not just Otonashi and Kanade, but all of them and become friends again. Because after all they’ve been through, I feel like they deserve that much.


The only thing that bothered me was the huge plot hole in the end. When it was revealed that Otonashi, when he died, had given his heart to someone who needed it and that turned out to be Kanade, I had thought that something was off. Kanade seemed to be in Purgatory longer than Otonashi was, but if Otonashi really did give his heart to Kanade, it would make more sense for Otonashi to get to Purgatory first.

There have been a lot of theories on this. And my favourite one has got to be that Otonashi had been to Heaven after he died, since he technically didn’t have any regrets when he died. Then when Kanade died, her regret of not thanking Otonashi brought him to Purgatory so that she could get rid of her regret and go to Heaven. That would explain the time mess up and why Otonashi probably did have any memories when he arrived at Purgatory.

Another theory is that Otonashi was the programmer of the whole Purgatory world. There’s a whole story about it, not going to repeat it since it is a little complicated, and I still don’t understand the whole concept. But it is claimed that Otonashi was in charge of the Purgatory world, but then something happened and he made himself into an NPC. It’s a strange concept, but interesting.


And, of course, let’s talk about the Other Ending, the ending where Otoanashi didn’t disappear, but actually stayed behind to help people who came to Purgatory erase their own regrets and go on to Heaven. I didn’t particularly like this ending, mainly because I wanted Otonashi to disappear and be with Kanade and the rest again. But in all honesty and reality, as sad as it is, I felt like that would probably be one of the pathways Otonashi would have taken.



I really enjoyed watching Angel Beats and would definitely recommend this to almost everyone.

What did you think? Have you watched Angel Beats? What did you think of it?



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