30 Days of Harry Potter: Character You Relate to the Most

There are so many great characters in Harry Potter, but here are two character who I think I can relate to the most.

Hermione Granger


As a child, reading Harry Potter, Hermione was no doubt my favourite character out of all the characters in the series. She’s smart, witty, headstrong, compassionate, and so many other great things. She helped Harry and Ron so many times, and without her, they’d basically be wandering in circles, and have incomplete homework. She cared for Harry and Ron throughout their Hogwarts years and never sat back, but fought whenever she needed to fight.

I wouldn’t say I’m as amazing as Hermione, but I do relate to her in the fact that I love books as much as she does, love to learn, and try to look after others as much as possible whenever I’m around. She also has a great fascination for magic, which I no doubt would to (who wouldn’t) if I ever went to Hogwarts, and would probably need a time turner to get to all my classes (because I’d literally take everything– who wouldn’t).

And the other character that I also relate to would be:

Luna Lovegood


Luna is eccentric, caring, hardworking, and totally stands out from the crowd. Introduced in the fifth book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Luna had repeatedly lent her support to Harry, Hermione, and Ron, and is no doubt one of their good friends. She’s so unique and unlike the other characters, and always seems to have her sights set on the brighter side.

I feel like I can relate to Luna as well because well, I’m a Ravenclaw like her, but also because I’m quiet like her, more in a daydreaming state like her, and try to, as I said before, help others as much as possible. Instead of being the one being helped, I prefer to lend help and try to lend support to whoever needs it.

And there you have it! Those are the two characters that I think I relate to the most!

What are some Harry Potter characters that you can relate to? 


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