Anime Review: Boruto Episode 6

The life of the shinobi is beginning to change. Boruto Uzumaki, son of Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki, has enrolled in the Ninja Academy to learn the ways of the ninja. Now, as a series of mysterious events unfolds, Boruto’s story is about to begin!

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Episode 6 of Boruto carries off where episode 5 finished. Shino’s personality has changed and is out to kill them. It’s only Boruto, Shikadai, and Mitsuki present and they soon realize that Shino isn’t himself.

Boruto sees the aura around Shino with his eye and they all decide to fight him in order to snap him out of it.

However, Shino proves to be too strong for them as a Jonin in the village. The three decide to hide it out before Shino can do further damage, but that is unsuccessful as his bugs come and found them.

Shikadai notes that his bugs are afraid of water, and we catch a glimpse of Mitsuki’s dark side. This makes me wonder whether Mitsuki is good or bad. On one end, he seems like a genuine character, yet, knowing his background, he might not be too pure after all. I look forward to see Mitsuki in future episodes and see what he does.

Shikadai then comes up with a plan to defeat Shino by drawing him to the water so he can’t use his insects. Boruto and Shikadai manage to convince Mitsuki to work with them and they successfully lure Shino into the water. Mitsuki drags him under and electrocutes him when he tries to bring out his water insects.

They defeat Shino, but Mitsuki is unable to get out of the water and he almost drowns until Boruto tries to save him. But the two are still unable to get out of the water. The aura finally left Shino and he quickly goes to retrieve the two boys despite his injuries. All of them make up in the end, but Shino still doesn’t think he is qualified to be a teacher, resulting in him seeing Naruto.

We finally get the first full Naruto scene since the beginning of the series and it’s great to see how he has grown and how he is as Hokage. He encourages Shino and then acknowledges that something is starting to happen in Konoha that they can no longer ignore.


This was a fun episode since it’s one of the few times where we actually see Shino fight (even though he was himself). We also get to see Boruto, Mitsuki, and Shikadai work together as a team and defeat Shino. It might not be as dramatic or exciting as Naruto’s fight with Sasuke against Zabuza, but a little more of the character’s skills were revealed which was great.

There wasn’t too much that happened in this episode, but I’m excited to see how Naruto will handle this situation with the dark aura as Hokage and what Boruto will do as a young ninja.


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