Anime Review: Boruto Episode 8

The life of the shinobi is beginning to change. Boruto Uzumaki, son of Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki, has enrolled in the Ninja Academy to learn the ways of the ninja. Now, as a series of mysterious events unfolds, Boruto’s story is about to begin!

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Episode 8 begins with a mysterious man talking to himself under the moon. He seems to be wearing the six paths symbol as he is doing this.

The scene changes to a couple of kids being kidnapped by some men. But soon enough, they are saved by a superhero in a mask. It is revealed that this is actually a movie and Boruto and his friends had gone to the theatre.

After the movie, the group go out and eat to where they talk about Naruto, the Hokage. They claim that Naruto must be so cool since he helped everyone win the Fourth Shinobi War, but Boruto counters, saying that Naruto is the exact opposite of cool. He wakes up late, is sloppy, and is not at all what a hero should be.

I found this really funny since we got to see a bit of Naruto in this episode. His personality hadn’t changed at all, but it was great to see him achieve his dream of being Hokage. And although Boruto thinks his father is uncool, we know how much Naruto had really been through all this time.

Boruto goes back home after the meal and decides to recap everything that had happened so far with the dark aura and comes up with ideas of why he can only see it. When he goes to sleep, he dreams of someone talking to him. The person wears the six paths symbol on his clothing and tells Boruto that he will be a hero.

Boruto wakes up with his vision different and for the first time sees what his eye looks like when it changes. He immediately assumes that it is the Byakugan, making him very happy.

Naruto has a brief chat with Shikamaru on everything that had happened and goes home after he reveals he hadn’t had a chance to rest for a few days. However, Naruto comes home to his son acting all strange. Boruto declares that he has awakened this new power– the Byakugan– but, as expected, the adults are skeptical since the Byakugan is hard to awake without any proper training.

Naruto then decides that they would see Hinata’s father to see if Boruto really had awakened the Byakugan or not. When they arrive that their grandad’s place, they see their grandad immediately, who is the exact opposite of what he was like in Naruto, but he is more happy.

They talk briefly for a moment about Boruto’s eye before Hiashi (Hinata’s father) tells Boruto to fight him in order to discover if Boruto really had awakened the Byakugan or not.



This was a fun episode and I have to admit, I enjoyed it better than last week’s episode since there was more of a plot. We see the beginnings of finding out what Boruto’s eye really is and also hopefully the beginnings of a new adventure.

Another mysterious guy showed up with the six paths symbol, so I’m wondering if the six paths has anything to do with Boruto’s eye. Maybe some of the six path’s power had lingered in Naruto and then transferred to Boruto, creating his eye.

I also really want to see Boruto fighting Hiashi and how powerful he really it. From the episode we’ve seen, it’s obvious that Boruto has a little bit more potential than Naruto did at his age. And I’m curious to find out what his eye exactly is.


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