Anime Review: Boruto Episode 10

The life of the shinobi is beginning to change. Boruto Uzumaki, son of Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki, has enrolled in the Ninja Academy to learn the ways of the ninja. Now, as a series of mysterious events unfolds, Boruto’s story is about to begin!

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Episode 10 begins with Boruto, Shikadai, and Mitsuki talking together as they watch over the city for the dark aura that has been plaguing the Hidden Village of Leaves. They decide to call the black aura the “ghost” and skips school in order to help people who have been plagued by the ghost.

However, that doesn’t end up too well when Hinata finds out Boruto has skipped school and gets punished.

Hinata and Shino then discuss about Boruto and how he is trying to get Naruto’s attention by misbehaving. Shino advises Hinata to talk about this with Boruto, since Naruto is Boruto’s father even before he became Hokage.

The next day, Boruto and his friends go to school and find out that they have to take this program where they experience different workplaces. Still eager to hunt this “ghost” down, Boruto and his friends decide to go somewhere they can move around the village to guard people, which is the mail office.

They deliver letters all over the city, though pretty sloppily, since they are determined to find out the cause of the “ghost”. Boruto bumps into Naruto along the way, who was doing an opening cermony, and they have a little chat.

The scene then switches briefly to an older Sai, who observes a park that has been destroyed. It seemed that there was another case of the “ghost” where the one affected went on a rampage and then had his chakra drained.

Sai reports what happened back to Naruto, and says that he found traces of wood style around the incident that happened, tying back to Hashirama. They talk about Danzo and how he had made this secret organization before he died, and how that might have a play in all that had been happening.

Time skips and the next day, Boruto and his friends are back at the mailing office. But instead of delivering letters, they are now in the stamp room. However, the news comes on and says something about an accident that happened in a plantation where the student class president and other of Boruto’s classmates had went to for the assignment. Bortuo, worried, rushes over to the plantation, hoping to get there in time to save his friends.

And the episode ends with the ruined plantation and what seems like the student class president’s body collapsed within the rubble.


Things are definitely starting to get interesting and the suspense of this “ghost” is getting larger and larger. I can see that there is something bigger behind this than there seems, and I love how the old Naruto characters are also starting to get involved since I want to know how they are going to solve his as adults.

But I also like how Boruto is trying to handle this situation on his own, since this story is about him, and how he is growing as a character.

I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen in next weeks episode and what this “ghost” really is.


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