Anime Review: Attack on Titan Season 2, Episode 11

Attack on Titan season 2, episode 10 review. (This review contains spoilers).


Centuries ago, mankind was slaughtered to near extinction by monstrous humanoid creatures called titans, forcing humans to hide in fear behind enormous concentric walls. What makes these giants truly terrifying is that their taste for human flesh is not born out of hunger but what appears to be out of pleasure. To ensure their survival, the remnants of humanity began living within defensive barriers, resulting in one hundred years without a single titan encounter. However, that fragile calm is soon shattered when a colossal titan manages to breach the supposedly impregnable outer wall, reigniting the fight for survival against the man-eating abominations.

After witnessing a horrific personal loss at the hands of the invading creatures, Eren Yeager dedicates his life to their eradication by enlisting into the Survey Corps, an elite military unit that combats the merciless humanoids outside the protection of the walls. 

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Episode 11 begins at the point where the last episode ends. Eren, Ymir, Krista, and Bertholdt are on Reiner’s back and running away from the scouts that are chasing them. Mikasa and the others are pursing them, desperate to save Eren, who is still passed out from his earlier fight.

Krista or Historia is taken out of Ymir’s mouth and gets the full explanation of why Ymir is taking her with them. Krista, in disbelief, thinks that Bertholdt and Reiner are threatening her to go the village and says that whatever happens she will always be on Ymir’s side. Bertholdt, worried that they won’t make it out safely, asks Ymir if everything they have risked so far was all for nothing. Ymir asks Krista if she would go with them since Krista can save her when they arrive in the village by Ymir giving them Krista. Krista agrees and sets off with the group.

Meanwhile, Commander Erwin on the other side has a horde of titans coming after his group and directs them to go where Reiner and Bertholdt are. Eren wakes up on Reiner’s back and sees that the scouts are getting closer. Mikasa comes up to Reiner with her 3D Maneuver Gear and tries to get Eren free. However, Reiner holds Bertholdt and Eren with his hand, cutting Mikasa’s path to Eren off.

Soon after, Connie and the others land on top of Reiner and talk to him, trying to find out the truth behind their actions. They don’t want to accept the fact that Reiner and Bertholdt had been lying to them about being comrades, to which Bertholdt says that it had never been a lie and that they had considered them as comrades. But they can’t bring themselves to do the right thing since they need Eren for their salvation.

Mikasa, fed up with this, tries to free Eren, but before she can do anything, the horde of titans that was with Commander Erwin comes. They retreat before they get caught up in it and the titans attack Reiner and Bertholdt, forcing Reiner to let go off Eren and Bertholdt in order to fight the titans off.

The scouts see their chance and proceed to save Eren and also Krista, who they think is held captive. Commander Erwin gets caught by a titan along the way, but they go forward, trying to reach Eren. Mikasa comes, attempting to cut Eren lose, but fails. Without anyone else to save him, Armin comes in and talks to Bertholdt. He tells them whether they are going to leave Annie behind, where she is being tortured day by day to experiment with her titan body and form. Enraged, Bertholdt lets his guard down, which allows Eren to escape as Commander Erwin, who had freed himself from the titan, cuts him loose.

As they proceed to retreat, however, Reiner begins to throw titans to stop them from escaping, creating chaos all around them. This causes Mikasa and Eren to be separated from the group, where they encounter the titan that had eaten their mother all those years ago when the wall came down.


This episode was more action based and it had a lot of things going on. I loved how Connie and the others were given the chance to confront Bertholdt and Reiner since it really showed how betrayed they felt as well as give Bertholdt a chance to explain their sides of things a little.

We find out that they might have not have had a choice to betray them and that there is something bigger going on in the background. It’s getting really interesting, and I can’t wait to learn the truth of this titan world.

At the end of the episode, Eren and Mikasa come face to face with the titan that ate their mother and that was a thrilling part to watch since we know what emotions they would have felt in that moment. I’m looking forward to see what they’ll do and how they will handle this situation.

Little by little, the truth is starting to come out, but I hope we’ll get the full answers soon.


2 thoughts on “Anime Review: Attack on Titan Season 2, Episode 11

  1. TPAB~ says:

    Seeing Jean in this episode made me happy, since I haven’t seen him… four years. Hahaha.
    The talk with Berthold is really wonderful, since all the regulars conjoin for the scene. This episode sets up a fantastic season ender, so I hope you watch it soon. 🙂

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