Anime Review: Road to Ninja (Naruto the Movie)

I was really excited to watch this movie and so glad that I finally did. It was weird at times and had a lot of awkward scenes. The characters were hilarious, but I loved the concept of the movie and how Naruto was able to get something he had so desired. This is my thoughts and opinion about Road to Ninja, and some things I liked and disliked about the movie.


General Overview (Without Spoilers)

Road to Ninja was a really fun movie to watch and there were a lot of things that I’m glad was put in since I had wondered what would happen if some things were different than the original story line. For example, in this movie, Naruto has parents and Sakura is parentless. It was interesting watching the both of them react to their switched roles, and how they thought about each other’s lives.

However, I did feel like there were a lot of problems with the plot and the characterization. Though I understand it is a movie and that it couldn’t mess up the general story line in Naruto.

Overall, it was very fun to watch and it was great seeing the characters in different circumstances.

Full Review (*With Spoilers*)


The movie starts out with Naruto and co. out on a mission against the Akatsuki, whose members have miraculously been raised from the dead (though we learned later they were just clones). When they got back to the village, everyone was cheerful except for one– Naruto.

This was the first thing that I felt uneasy about. The characterization of Naruto in the beginning of the movie. He was acting like a jerk and was all gloomy, which was a complete opposite of his regular character. I understood that he felt sad about his lack of parents, but it still just felt so out of character, I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

Even when they were transported into the different world, he felt too different. It wasn’t until about halfway when he felt right to me and was back to the old Naruto.


The fact that his parents were alive in the other world was very touching. I loved how Naruto was able to get a chance to have parents and know how it felt like. And I loved how the movie didn’t show how he was the”perfect” child right off the bat, but he had actually criticized his mother for saving him during a mission. It really showed how he was already used to being alone and he wasn’t used to having someone look out for him.

The part where Naruto was also being scolded by his parents made me tear up because Naruto’s reaction was so touching. When Kushina and Naruto hugged was the best thing ever.

And can I just mention all the side characters in the village– Lee, Hinata, Kiba, and even Sasuke? They were hilarious and it was so much fun seeing how they had changed from the real world.


Kiba turned into a cat fanatic, Shikamaru was childish, Lee weak, Kakashi overenthusiastic, and Sasuke a play boy. Their personalities were the highlight of the movie and I loved seeing Naruto and Sakura’s reactions to their friend’s personality changes.

The ending of this movie, I felt was too rushed and didn’t really make any sense. The backstory to the whole Madara plot was very confusing and I didn’t really understand it. And the fact that Naruto lost his memories then gained them back a minute later was too good to be true.

Other than that, I really liked seeing Naruto fight against the other world Naruto, and having control of the Nine Tails in him. Although, it still did seem too good to be true, since I doubt the Nine Tails could have helped him so easily.


The ending scene of the movie was most probably one of the best out of the movie. With Naruto and Sakura out of the fake world, Naruto has to return home with a life without parents. However, when he reaches his home, Iruka is waiting for him. This was such a great scene since it really showed how even though Naruto didn’t have parents in the real world, he still had a whole bunch of friends that were still like family to him.



3.5/5 stars! Though it wasn’t perfect, it was a great and fun movie to watch. I loved seeing the characters interact with each other outside the main storyline and it really gave Naruto more character.

What do you think? What are your thoughts on Road to Ninja? Did you like or dislike the movie? 


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