Anime Review: Another

Episodes: 12
Genre: psychological, horror, mystery
Related Words: murder, superstition, classroom
Rating: 4/5

In 1972, a popular student in Yomiyama North Middle School’s class 3-3 named anothercoMisakipassed away during the school year. Since then, the town of Yomiyama has been shrouded by a fearful atmosphere, from the dark secrets hidden deep within.
Twenty-six years later, 15-year-old Kouichi Sakakibara 

transfers into class 3-3 of Yomiyama North and soon after discovers that a strange, gloomy mood seems to hang over all the students. He also finds himself drawn to the 

mysterious, eyepatch-wearing student Mei Misaki; however, the rest of the class and the teachers seem to treat her like she doesn’t exist. Paying no heed to warnings from everyone including Mei herself, Kouichi begins to get closer not only to her, but also to the truth behind the gruesome phenomenon plaguing class 3-3 of Yomiyama North.

General Overview (No Spoilers):

Another is one of those anime that keeps you at the edge of your seat for the whole time. The mystery of finding out what is happening with the students and the eeriness of the entire anime keeps you focused on the plot and what exactly is happening. The suspense starts as soon as the first episode begins, with the main character just moving into a new town and a new school.

As the series continues, characters are introduced and the mystery begins to unravel itself. The characters were quite simple and cliched, but it allowed the plot to flow along well enough. There were some parts of the anime that had me questioning the purpose of the entire show and the ending, though interesting, was unsatisfying. However, I did think the build up of suspense and mystery was done well, and it held the audience’s interest until the very end.

Full Review (*With Spoilers*)


PLOT 3/5: The beginning of the plot was interesting enough. A transfer student comes to Class 3 and notices that everyone is ignoring one student named Mei, and there’s a superstition surrounding the classroom that he is in. It was great and developed really well to hold that feeling of suspense and mystery. However, I felt that there were some issues I had with the minor details of the plot. Such as Mei’s eye that can see who’s dead.

I felt that her eye kinda ruined the whole thing at the end since there really was no need for all the dramatic events that happened before. The solution to the problem was too simple and if she had told someone earlier, she probably could have avoided many of the deaths that had happened.

The ending was also very rushed since as soon as we found out who the dead one was, the characters sort of went on with their lives as if nothing happened. As if half their class hadn’t been murdered. I felt that it wasn’t a satisfying ending in that way and I was expecting more to it.

ANIMATION 5/5: The graphics were great and really emphasised the eerie feeling that the anime show brought out. I didn’t understand the dolls that constantly appeared in the first few episodes, but it kept the mood very dark, which fit the show.





10 thoughts on “Anime Review: Another

  1. Karandi says:

    The ending does feel a bit rushed, but the going on with their lives happens more because they start to forget a lot of the details of events that happened during the curse so it makes things blurry for them.
    Have to agree about Mei’s eye though. She probably could have saved them all some time if she had mentioned that part a bit sooner.

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  2. TPAB~ says:

    I love the first 3 episodes of this anime, because the plot isn’t settled yet and you’re continuously bombarded with weird shots of creepy dolls.
    the reveal is pretty bad, but I generally like the premise of the show. i wish they can reuse it for another anime, because its a creepy enough story on its own.

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  3. blueiceinthedarkness says:

    I really loved this series, enough that I bought the novel it was based on. I have to say I liked the book better though. Mei still should have told everyone about her eye sooner but other than that it was pretty good. Like how the book doesn’t have that beach episode since I didn’t think the show really needed one. But overall I loved the story in both the book and the anime.

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  4. Adam says:

    This is a very strong review, and I agree with many of the points you make. The story has a strong atmosphere. Like many horror, it thrives in the earlier segments, when both protagonist and audience are still in the dark about what’s going on. Unfortunately I feel like the ending was more of a rushed “well, this is one way to end it.” It seems like a common challenge among horror; once the mystery is answered, how does the story continue to maintain audience engagement.
    In this case it felt like the series tried to resolve the narrative as close to the revelation as possible, with a very fast paced, chaotic action scene, followed by an epilogue that I think was necessary, but still felt a little tacked on.
    Watching the last scene, I couldn’t help but think “okay, but this really doesn’t solve the bigger issue. In due time another cast of characters will face the same problems.” Granted many horror do end with “there is no way to truly resolve this”, but to me the epilogue tried to end on a cheerful “it’s over” tone, completely ignoring the reality that while these characters are out of danger, it’s not over in general.

    I really liked those early episodes, where the characters carefully chose their words, leaving audiences with some very interesting implications.
    I do feel like Mei ended up being a bit of a cheap deus ex machina, though when they finally revealed the answer it seemed like even Mei wanted to justify it with more than just “supernatural powers”, though even the idea of “remembering” seemed a little deus ex machina too.

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    • Eileen X. says:

      yeah the ending was a little iffy and I thought it could have been better done. I definitely agree that Mei’s character kinda diminished in the end. It wasn’t a perfect anime, but enjoyable nonetheless. Thanks for reading!

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      • Adam says:

        Thank you as well. I often like to read reviews after I finish a story, see what others make of the story. It’s always interesting to see how my own perspective overlaps with and diverges from the experiences of others.
        Thank you for sharing.

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