Book Review: Our Dark Duet by Victoria Schwab

Author: Victoria Schwab
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 510
Related Words: monsters, cities, dark, light, songs
Rating: 4/5

Kate Harker isn’t afraid of monsters. She hunts them. And she’s good at it. odd

August Flynn once yearned to be human. But no longer. He has a part to play. And he will play it, no matter the cost. 

The war has begun. 

The monsters are winning.

Kate wil have to return to Verity. August will have to let her back in. And a new monster is waiting– one that feeds on chaos and brings out its victims’ inner demons. 

Which will be hard to conquer: the monsters they face, or the monsters within?

General Overview (No Spoilers)

Victoria Schwab has officially gained the spot as one of my favourite authors. Her writing style, just like all her other books, is amazing and well paced. The flow of her descriptions, her characters, and the uniqueness of her plot tells it all. Our Dark Duet follows a few months after This Savage Song ends and we get this sense of urgency and suspense just like the last book.

We find that the characters have changed since the last time we saw them. August has a different perspective and Kate is as reckless as ever, but these little quirks added to their personalities since we’d expect them to be affected after all that had happened in the last book.

The monsters are back, but with a greater threat. There’s blood, gore and everything else, and we really get to see the nature of these monster in even more detail than the last book. Schwab characterises everyone in great detail until we really get a good sense of each of them.

The only thing I’d have to pick out that didn’t go well with me was the ending. It felt very, how would you say, wishy washy. Many things happened in such a short time that I felt it didn’t end to its fullest potential. But other than that, I thought Our Dark Duet was a great conclusion to This Savage Song.

Full Review (*With Spoilers*)


The book starts off revealing the fact that Sloan is alive and hungry for revenge more than ever. He walked out of the house he almost died in with someone else in the midst. This was an amazing beginning since it captured the reader immediately. Sloan, the villain of the last book, is still alive and most possibly out to find and kill Kate.

The first chapter and the first part of the book then begins with Kate in Prosperity, a hard working person at her job during the day and a monster killer by night. She doesn’t go through much change from the first book, but that contrasts to how August has changed. His personality does a complete 180 from the first book. He is tougher, stronger, and more assertive than before. And we see throughout the book that he is haunted by Leo’s ghost and is plagued by this sense of tiredness.

When Kate and August meet, they both help to bring each other back to reality and back to their former selves. August begins to realizes the importance of his own values and changes how he perceives things. I thought this was written well since we see the two main characters help each other grow, while growing themselves. Schwab did an excellent job developing each of them, while still staying true to their individual personalities and the plot itself.

The ending, as I said before, however, was very iffy for me. The fact that Kate went away, Henry volunteered to go, then it all went wrong from there seemed very rushed and unrealistic in a sense. It kind of all went back and forth and didn’t have a solid path. Even the way Alice let all the troops go, but Kate was very weird since if she hadn’t, the monsters would have had a greater chance of success. Another thing was the Chaos Eater. We never really got a full explanation or a justification of why it was there or what it was. It kinda just disappeared in the end, very quickly, very fast. It was a good addition to the story, but I felt it could have had a more meaningful part than a just being there to move the plot along.

In conclusion, it was a great ending to the duology. it had great and developing characters, a mostly realistic plot line, and great pacing and writing style. The ending I felt could have been handled better, but the overall story was great and I’d definitely recommend reading this series to anyone who loves fantasy.




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