Anime Review: Violet Evergarden

Episodes: 13
 drama, slice of life
Related Words: war, writing, stories
Rating: 4.5/5

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Review (No Spoilers)

Violet Evergarden came out as one of the Winter anime in 2018, and instantly it had caught many people’s attention. I discovered Violet first on Netflix. I hadn’t been planning to watch any anime that season, but Violet ended up to be one of the few I chose to watch.

It had been a few weeks into the season, so a few episodes were already out, but the first one caught my attention immediately. Right off the bat, the animation was a beauty to behold and the atmosphere was so tender, it drew you right in.

The whole premise of the show revolves around Violet, an girl who was raised to be one of the fighters in a war that is currently plaguing the country. In one of the battles she participated in, she suffered serious injuries and had to be sent to the hospital to recover. With the war now over, Violet must continue her life, but this time as an ordinary girl. The story follows her as she tries to learn the meaning of love and discovers herself in the process.

Violet Evergarden does a wonderful job of guiding the viewers through the story with a great amount of ease. Though focusing on Violet as the protagonist, the anime also pulls in stories from the people she has met, allowing her to grow through them. In the end, Violet is someone who has been changed by multiple people, and each had been changed by her. It’s a lovely intricate of tales that work together beautifully.

The art and music are breath taking, with Sincerely being one of my favourite anime openings. There were some scenes that could have been better, but at the end of the show, I thoroughly enjoyed Violet. It’s truly a masterpiece to behold and I loved the anticipation of waiting every week just to see the new episode.

Plot 4/5 – The plot was very easy to follow and clear. Each episode was filled with a purposeful story and held depth and meaning for development of the main character. There were some parts that could have been written better, but overall, very enjoyable.

Characters 5/5 – I loved each and every character, and loved how the show not only developed Violet as a person, but also all the other people she had impacted.

Art and Music 5/5 – As said before, the animation and music in Violet was breath taking and heartwarming. I will definitely be listening to the opening and ending whenever I have the time.




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