Hello! Thanks for stopping by! I’d like to personally welcome you to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading what I write!

Here are some few things about myself:

My name is Eileen and I love to read and write various things. My favourite genre for reading is Fantasy and I love writing in that genre as well. I’m an aspiring author, having already wrote three books under my name and I hope that someday they might get published. If you are interested in reading some of my work, I have a Wattpad account that features all my writing under my username @LoveIsPatient. I’m focusing on writing Fantasy right now, but I’m hoping to write something different in the future.

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I’m a high school student, still going through teenage life. I have no idea what I’m going to do in the future for study, but I know I want to do something with writing; therefore, I feel like I’m heading into the Communications area. I have another blog, more for school work and writings outside of my personal life, that can be found here.

I started Bookish Frenzy in September of 2016 because I wanted to further my experience as a writer and I haven’t regretted it since. It might take a lot of work and time and energy, but I enjoy writing the multiple book reviews, the fun tags, and the opinion articles about various topics. This leads me to my next point of what I’m going to be focusing on in my blog, which are:


These are the three things that I’m most passionate about. Under the anime category, I will be reviewing the anime shows I watch, reviewing some manga I’ve read, and I will also post some opinionated pieces. Under the book category, this will include anything from reviews to tags. And lastly, the movie category will also include reviews on movies, but also on TV shows. Challenges of all three categories will be done, such as the 30 Day Anime Challenge and the 30 Day Harry Potter Challenge.

That concludes my brief statement about my blog and I hope you enjoy your time here. You can check out my Tag page to learn more about me!



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