Writing Prompt! Teen Fiction, Stapler, Car Service Centre

Genre: Teen Fiction
Item: Stapler
Location: Car Service Centre

“Alyssa,” her manager called from across the room, “New customer.”

Alyssa stood up from her spot against the wall, wiping sweat from her brow with her wrist. She sighed, gulping down the rest of her drink before crushing the can between her hands and throwing it down the metal trash can. It echoed against the sides, it’s sound too quiet against the screeching tools of the garage. “Gotcha, Boss.”

She pressed the button on the wall, watching as the garage door opened up with a loud screech. Sunlight and unbearable heat flooded through the opening, immediately making her break out into a sweat. The desert-like weather of their town was almost too much to bear if she weren’t already used to it.

She waited as the car came rolling in. It was covered in a thick layer of dust, but there was no mistaking the bright red colour underneath. The car was sleek and smooth, probably worth more than the whole town itself.

Alyssa prevented herself from twitching when the engine roared and sputtered to a stop. Immediately, her eye spotted the flatness of one of the tires. The door to the driver’s seat opened and a man no older than her stepped out. As soon as his eyes met hers, he walked briskly towards her.

“Yo, where’s the manager around here? My car needs fixing.”

“He’s busy right now.” She held up her hand, “I’ve been assigned to help you.” She began to walk towards the tools she needed to fix his tire.

“You? Fix my car?”

Alyssa moved a stapler over from the top of the tool box and began to search for a wrench. She paused in the middle of her activity, turning to face him. “Don’t underestimate me. I’ve fixed everything from engine failures to broken windshields. You can say I’m one of the best around.”

“Alright then, girlie. Let’s see what you can do. And I’ll tell you what, if you do manage to fix it, I’ll take you on a date.”

She snorted, “In your dreams, slick Nick. I have no doubts I’ll fix your car, but the day you take me on a date will be the day pigs fly.”

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This is something I wrote for my Wattpad account. It’s a reply to a prompt one of the Wattpad Communities made and here it is! The limit was 2000 characters. 

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